Why the GOP establishment turning against Trump confirms what we suspected
Why the GOP establishment turning against Trump confirms what we suspected

By Joshua Nelson | Fox News

Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce said on Monday that it does not surprise her that the GOP establishment is not supporting President Trump because they are siding with ideas of globalism instead of “Americanism.”

“This is, of course, the swamp,” the “Get Tammy Bruce” host told “Fox & Friends.”

“This is about Americanism versus globalism. What is best for the American family versus what is best for the political ruling elite class,” Bruce said, arguing that the binary choice of Democrat or Republican has dissolved.

Bruce argued that Trump does not care about what the GOP establishment thinks and rather listens to the American people.

“Is it really about what’s best for the party or what is best for the country? This confirms what we did in 2016. We suspected that major leaders on both sides of the aisle didn’t care about the average American, didn’t care about the things that affect our future or our lives,” Bruce said.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday became the latest member of the Republican Party’s old guard to announce that he will not be voting for President Trump in November’s general election.

Powell’s admission comes amid rumors and speculation that a number of establishment Republican heavyweights have sworn off voting for Trump in favor of Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The New York Times reported former President George W. Bush – under whom Powell served as secretary of state – and frequent Trump critic, Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, will not be voting for the current Oval Office occupant come November.

Bruce noted that Colin Powell had not voted for a Republican since 2004. She said Powell and Bush are “decent men” but come from the Washington “swamp environment.”

“There’s only one endorsement that really matters and that’s President Trump’s endorsement. We saw that what the establishment was doing in 2016 did not stop Donald Trump. But, mostly, this is an insult. Again, for the American people, we’re looking at what Trump did in three years and, look, they are embarrassed. He did what they were unable to do in all that time. It’s a shame, but, it confirms the importance of the election of Donald Trump.”

Fox News’ Andrew O’Reilly contributed to this report. Joshua Nelson is a freelance reporter for Fox News.

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