Patriotism, Unity and Americanism
Patriotism, Unity and Americanism

By The Washington Examiner and The USNN News Team

Children should be taught to love America. This does not mean whitewashing the grievous stain of slavery on our history but does mean eliminating propaganda suggesting ours is a fundamentally bad country. We need to foster a shared American culture based on dignity and respect for all, which means protecting minorities but also governing with policies most people want. Groups should not be set against other groups. We are Americans. Today’s radicals aim to divide us. We cannot let them succeed.

Growing up in the early 1960’s we were taught to respect our elders. Many of whom fought in World War I, World War II and in the Korean War. They were special people from all races, creeds and color. They all had one thing in common. They were Americans and their mission was to protect our country and our culture.

Our neighborhoods were extensions of our family. We did not lock the doors to our home. If some one needed something we could always depend on our neighbors. It was a close knit community.

We would walk to school. Our history books depicted actual events instead of promoting propaganda and theories to push political agendas. There was no violence no gangs or need for metal detectors, lockdowns or police on premise. Today our children contend with a much different environment.

Our politicians (most) push pet projects, policy and establish law not for the good of the American people but for personal or party gain.

Look to the 2022 mid term and the 2024 elections. Get out and VOTE.

It’s time to “Restore America”.


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