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Texas Judge Rules That a Federal Agency Discriminates Against Whites

By Patricia Tolson A Texas judge has ruled that a government agency created to assist minority-owned businesses has discriminated against white people, violating the rights of all Americans to receive equal protection under the United States Constitution. As explained in the 93-page Opinion and Order (pdf), the plaintiffs—three entrepreneurs in need of assistance for their […]

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Texas Sues Pfizer for Allegedly Misrepresenting Its COVID-19 Vaccine’s Efficacy

By Zachary Stieber Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Nov. 30 filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, alleging that the drug maker misrepresented the efficacy of its COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer misrepresented the results of a clinical trial run on its COVID-19 vaccine, according to the suit, which was filed in Lubbock County, Texas. “We are pursuing justice […]