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RFK Jr. Campaign Collects Enough Signatures to Get on New Hampshire Ballot

By Jeff Louderback As President Joe Biden learned he had won the New Hampshire Democrat primary as a write-in candidate, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced he had gathered the required number of signatures to appear on that state’s general election ballot in November. Mr. Kennedy’s team collected more than 3,000 signatures in […]

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New Hampshire AG Says Democrats Engaging in Voter Suppression, Violating Election Law

By Alice Giordano The New Hampshire attorney general’s office has accused the Democratic National Committee (DNC) of unlawful voter suppression and violating state election laws in a cease and desist order sent to the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) on Monday. The Jan. 8 demand letter was prompted by DNC leaders urging New Hampshire […]

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Dunkin’s Dilemma in Hampton, New Hampshire, Sparks a Reflection on the Human Element Amidst Automation

By Stephen Zogopoulos, USNN World News In the ever-evolving landscape of the fast-food industry, the integration of automated kiosks has emerged as a transformative force, promising unparalleled efficiency and convenience. However, this technological wave brings with it a profound challenge: the erosion of personalized service, leaving customers wistful for the once-cherished human touch that defined […]

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Upstart Republican Beats Establishment Democrat in New Hampshire Election

By Tom Ozimek A Republican candidate has beaten his Democrat rival for mayor of New Hampshire’s biggest city, Manchester, despite the odds stacked against the GOPer, whose opponent was the hand-picked successor of the city’s current mayor and fellow Democrat. The unofficial tally on Nov. 7 election night showed Republican mayoral candidate Jay Ruais with […]

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Attempt to Block Trump From New Hampshire Ballot Receives No GOP Support

By Naveen Athrappully Republican Bryant “Corky” Messner’s attempt to prohibit former President Donald Trump from New Hampshire’s 2024 primary ballot is receiving a cold shoulder from the state’s top GOP leaders. Mr. Messner insists that President Trump is disqualified from running for the 2024 presidential race due to the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Section 3 […]

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A Small Plane Towing a Banner Lands in the Ocean Off a Crowded New Hampshire Beach; Pilot Unhurt

By The Associated Press HAMPTON BEACH, N.H.—A small plane towing a banner landed in the ocean off a crowded New Hampshire beach on Saturday, and lifeguards rescued the pilot, who was unhurt, authorities said. The single-engine Piper PA-18 plane landed about noon off Hampton Beach, witnesses said. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said in a […]