Photographer Snaps Stormy Sublime Sunset—Over Land and Sea—at Carova Beach, NC

Photographer Snaps Stormy Sublime Sunset—Over Land and Sea—at Carova Beach, NC

By EMP Inspired Staff A New York photographer recently captured a surreal stormy sunset during a trip to Carova Beach, North Carolina, which left him more than a little impressed. George Wang, who works at an engineering consulting company in the tri-state area, was on a drive with his friends when they noticed something unusual […]

GOP Report Says Wuhan Lab Leak Source of CCP Virus

By Tom Ozimek House Republicans have released an addendum to their Origins of COVID-19 (pdf) report released last year, concluding that evidence points to a leak from a Chinese lab as the source of the outbreak. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, on Monday released the updated (pdf) report, which was […]

Trump Amends Big Tech Lawsuit as 65,000 Americans Submit Censorship Stories

By Tom Ozimek Former President Donald Trump’s legal team has amended his class action lawsuit against Big Tech to incorporate additional class representatives and more censorship stories provided by everyday Americans. According to the America First Policy Institute (AFPI), Trump’s July 7 lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, and Google is adding ”additional censorship experiences” from some of the nearly 65,000 people who […]

2,702-Page Infrastructure Bill Released Ahead of Floor Debate

By Zachary Stieber Senators late Sunday released a 2,702-page infrastructure bill that appears to have enough support to pass the upper chamber ahead of debate on the legislation on the Senate floor. The approximately $1 trillion bill (pdf) was cleared for debate before it was even submitted, setting off criticism of how Congress works. Democrats on the Senate Committee on […]

Nearly 2 Million US Households Owe $15 Billion in Back Rent: Report

By GQ Pan An estimated 1.95 million U.S. renter households owed more than $15.3 billion in back rent when the federal eviction moratorium expired on July 31, according to a new report. The number of renter households in debt is expected to reach 2 million by December, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia said in the July […]

Ocasio-Cortez: Democrats Cannot Blame Republicans for Eviction Moratorium Expiration

By Jack Phillips Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said on Sunday that one cannot “blame the Republican Party” for the federal eviction moratorium expiring because Democrats hold the majority in the House. “I think there’s a couple of issues here. First of all, you are absolutely correct in that the House and House leadership had the opportunity […]

‘Special Counsel’ Named to Investigate 2020 Election in Wisconsin: House Speaker

By Jack Phillips The top Republican in the Wisconsin Assembly said Friday that his office is expanding a probe into the 2020 presidential election, adding that more investigations are warranted. House Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican, signed contracts with several retired law enforcement officials and a former judge, although two of three quit in recent days, he […]

Arizona Town Facing ‘Nightmare’ Migrant Influx

By Allan Stein In the normally peaceful desert town of Gila Bend, nestled 100 miles north of Arizona’s border with Mexico, illegal aliens have been arriving daily since the town declared a state of emergency in March. The migrants were all on foot, and all appeared to be bound for parts unknown, carrying with them only their backpacks […]


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