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Florida Gov. DeSantis: Biden Should Get ‘Honorary Membership’ With Mexican Cartels

By Jay Clemons Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis criticized the Biden White House on multiple fronts Wednesday, taking aim at President Joe Biden’s “bad policies” with the economy, energy, infrastructure, and the handling of COVID-19. But DeSantis’ most memorable quip might have been reserved for the Biden administration’s approach to overseeing the U.S.-Mexico border. “[President] Biden should be […]

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Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs Bill Creating Nation’s First Office of Election Crimes and Security

By Patricia Tolson During a packed April 25 press conference in Spring Hill, Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 524 into law, strengthening voting rules in the state and establishing the nation’s first Office of Election Crimes and Security at the Department of State, specifically formed to investigate and prosecute voter fraud. While most legacy media […]

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Florida Sheriff Urges Homeowners to Shoot Invaders to ‘Save the Taxpayers Money’

By Jack Phillips A Florida sheriff said that he’s urging homeowners to get gun safety training while encouraging them to shoot home invaders to “save the taxpayers money.” “If somebody’s breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot them in Santa Rosa County. We prefer that you do actually,” Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson told a news conference […]

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Florida House Approves Bill Revoking Disney’s Special Self-Governing Status

By Jack Phillips Florida’s House of Representatives on April 21 approved a state Senate-passed measure that would strip Walt Disney Co. of its self-governing special district, reversing a more-than-50-year-old Florida provision amid criticism over the corporation’s decision last month to oppose a parental rights law. The decision could mean that Disney, which controls a 25,000-acre […]

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Florida Senate Passes Bill Revoking Disney of Special Self-Governing Power

By Jack Phillips The Florida Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that would remove the special tax district and self-governing status that was granted to Disney as lawmakers have criticized the company for opposing a parental rights bill. The chamber, which was called into a special session by Gov. Ron DeSantis, passed the bill in a 23–16 vote to dissolve Disney’s […]

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Florida’s DeSantis Asks Lawmakers to Eliminate Disney World’s Self-Governing Status

By Zachary Stieber Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on April 19 formally asked state lawmakers to take up eliminating Walt Disney World’s self-governing status during a special session that was set to start on Monday. DeSantis, a Republican, announced the move in a proclamation (pdf), telling members of the Florida House of Representatives and Senate that the […]

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Florida School Chief Rejects Math Textbooks Over ‘Attempts to Indoctrinate Students’

By Bill Pan Florida’s Department of Education has rejected dozens of K–12 mathematics textbooks after officials said they include “indoctrinating concepts,” such as critical race theory (CRT). According to Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, his department reviewed 132 submitted textbooks and found that 54 of them, or 41 percent, didn’t meet Florida’s K–12 curriculum standards or contained […]

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California, NY Failed in Handling COVID-19, Florida Among the Best: Report

By Jack Phillips California and New York handled COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions the worst, according to a new report. Other than New York and California, New Jersey and Illinois—all Democrat-led states—were among the worst in dealing with COVID-19, said a study from the conservative Committee To Unleash Prosperity, a conservative-leaning group. “Shutting down their economies […]

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Florida Voter Registration: Republicans Overtake Democrats by 100,000

By Patricia Tolson As the Aug. 23 Florida primary draws near, data released by the office of Gov. Ron DeSantis shows there are 100,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats in the Sunshine State. In November 2021, DeSantis announced that Florida—where Democrats held an advantage over Republicans of well over 260,000 voters when he took office in 2019—saw […]

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Florida Health Department: CDC Altered State’s COVID-19 Death Data

By Jack Phillips The Florida Department of Health (DOH) alleged Friday that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) erroneously changed the state’s COVID-19 data without contacting the agency and didn’t respond to calls to correct the problem. Jeremy Redfern, press secretary for the state health agency, said that the DOH transmits COVID-19 data, including deaths, to the CDC several times […]