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Florida Citrus Industry Posts Worst Year Since 1930s After Hurricane Damage and Crop Disease

By Bryan Jung Florida’s citrus industry posted its worse harvest since 1937, which should give orange fans some pause at the supermarket. Damage from the 2022 hurricane season, combined with the impact of citrus greening disease, is ravaging the Sunshine State’s orange crop. This will likely cause citrus prices to skyrocket nationwide, as Florida farmers […]

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Florida Activists Secretly Ship Free Sex-Change Kits to Children Around the Country

By Jackson Elliott An Epoch Times investigation discovered a Florida activist group secretly sent hundreds of children transgender sex-change kits across the country. The “Build-A-Queer” kits contain breast binders, condoms, fake male genitalia called “packers,” tape used to bind and hide male genitalia, and more. Several of these items can potentially harm children, experts have […]

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Florida Legislature Clears Way for DeSantis to Run for President Without Resigning

By Bill Pan Florida’s Republican-led Legislature has approved a bill clarifying that Gov. Ron DeSantis may run for president in 2024 while keeping his current position. In a party-line vote of 76-34 on Friday, the Florida House approved an amended version of SB 7050, which includes a provision that explicitly exempts anyone running for president […]

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Proposed Change to Florida’s ‘Resign-to-Run’ Law May Pave Way for DeSantis 2024 Bid

By Caden Pearson Florida state Sen. Travis Hutson has introduced a proposal to amend the state’s “resign-to-run” law, which would allow Gov. Ron DeSantis to announce his candidacy for the presidency without resigning as governor. The proposed amendment is part of Senate Bill 7050 (pdf), a larger piece of legislation related to state elections. It […]

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In Midst of Trump Indictment, Florida Legislature Filed Bill to Permit DeSantis to Run for President

By Dan M. Berger A Florida Senate bill filed on Thursday at 6:08 p.m.—minutes after news of former President Donald Trump’s indictment in Manhattan broke—is the “resign-to-run” bill that would permit Gov. Ron DeSantis to keep his post if he runs for president. Under current state law, DeSantis would have to resign his post—effective later […]

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Leaders of Florida’s College System Vow Not to ‘Fund or Support’ Critical Race Theory

By Patricia Tolson In a show of support for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the leaders of the Florida College System (FCS) vowed not to support or fund critical race theory (CRT)—unless it is taught objectively along with other concepts—and to eliminate “woke positions and ideologies.” During comments at the Jan. 18 state Board of Education meeting, Florida State College […]