‘Transgender’ Toddlers as Young as 2 Undergoing Mutilation/Sterilization by NC Medical System, Journalist Alleges
‘Transgender’ Toddlers as Young as 2 Undergoing Mutilation/Sterilization by NC Medical System, Journalist Alleges

By Sayer Ji, GreenMedInfo

“Gender-Affirming Care” and the so-called “Transgender Agenda” is running rampant in North Carolina, according to a recent investigative report which details how the medical-industrial-complex in that state is targeting toddlers as young as two years of age for surgical sex changes, hormone blockers, and sterilization.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated situation, as dozens of “Gender Clinics” targeting children and adolescents popup up throughout the United States to serve a market that has grown in lockstep with a relatively recent tidal wave of anti-scientific propaganda coming simultaneously from the major media, government, and corporations which propose your sexual identity is determined by your psychological identification with a gender (or otherwise a non-binary status) and not your biological sexual characteristics.

A recent investigation by journalist Sloan Rachmuth reveals that three leading medical schools in North Carolina are now transitioning toddlers as young as two years of age, as well as training future primary care doctors on how to perform these experimental treatments, justified as they are by the egregiously fallacious notion that a toddler or young child’s still inchoate and uncertain gender identity should preempt biologically determined sexual characteristics and require the permanent deconstruction of the biological basis for their sexuality and reproduction through a suite of largely irreversible medical procedures and lifelong pharmaceutical products such as hormone blockers.

For example, in this questionable medical and psychiatric model, a female toddler as young as two could be identified as “gender dysphoric” for having a preference for playing with trucks instead of dolls, and therefore be referred to a transitioning program if her parents and their medical providers believe it is in her best interest.

For example, UNC [University of North Carolina] Health’s 2019 Transgender Health Program (since removed from their website but available through WayBackMachine) lists 10 different surgical procedures in their “Gender-Affirming Care” offerings:

The universities rolling out “gender affirming care” for toddlers and young children identified in Rachmuth’s report are:

  • Duke Health
  • UNC Health
  • ECU [East Carolina University] Health

The earliest corroborating reference to Duke Health’s policy is found in a 2015 article by ABC11, announcing their brand new Gender Clinic offering a variety of services to kids and teens with gender dysphoria. A 2016 social media post on Duke Children’s Instagram detailed below shows their director Dr. Deanna Adkins openly reporting having transgender patients as young as two, acknowledging that “They are not old enough to consciously yet choose to do that … It is not a choice in any of my patients.”

According to Rachmuth’s report, UNC Health’s official website says they accept self-referrals from individuals as young as 4 who are interested in transitioning:

“We accept referrals from other mental health providers and medical providers seeking consultation on their transgender or gender non-binary patients (ages 4–30 years) undergoing or exploring all forms of gender-affirming care,” the description under the “Referrals” section reads.

While all the links in Rachmuth’s report to UNC Health’s website were removed WayBackMachine still contains the content they are ostensibly trying to hide.

The last date this content appears to have been live on their site was two weeks ago on April 17.

The third medical school named, ECU Heath, opened its “Pride Clinic” on April 12, 2022, seeing children of all ages.

According to another investigative piece by Rachmuth, North Carolina is home to more than a dozen clinics like Duke Health that “… target families in nearly every county with what they call ‘gender affirming care.’”Rachmuth believes that what is behind the rapid growth of this industry is a “social contagion,” citing research back in 2010 showing that just 1 out of 50,000 people worldwide reported experiencing gender dysphoria, whereas last year’s Pew study found that roughly 1 in 50 Americans now report identifying as something other than their biological sex.

While there are no doubt significant social factors involved in gender dysmorphia’s rapid expansion—three orders of magnitude increase in 13 years—it is Jennifer Bilek’s work that sheds the most powerful contextual light on who and what is behind the so-called Transgender Agenda.

In a viral interview conducted by James Patrick of Big Picture Media Bilek explains how a vast medical-industrial complex is pouring massive capital infusions into reconstructing the legal definition of human identity through a non-biologically-based, disembodied, and fundamentally transhumanistic notion of gender identity, casting bodily deconstruction of sex and the violently synthetic modifications or augmentations of the human body as a “human right,” and not the weaponized gender dysphoria that it is.

We highly recommend our readers watch her interview below to learn more about this dark and disgusting, but necessary-to-expose subject.

Finally, the good news is that the work of investigative reporters and activists, combined, has brought the mutilation and sterilization of toddlers and children under the banner of “gender affirming care” into the forefront, and a number of bills at present across the nation seek to ban the unregulated medical marketing and transitioning of minors, including one in North Carolin’s legislation which just passed their House today. You can view House Bill 808 here.

To learn more about the dangers of the transgender agenda visit Jennifer Bilek’s website: 11th House: Transgender, Technology, Capitalism, and watch The HORRORS of TRANSITIONING. To sign up for future awareness campaigns and calls to action on this topic visit Stand for Health Freedom and join their newsletter list.

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