The PFIZER Vaccine is Not Approved
The PFIZER Vaccine is Not Approved

By USNN Editorial Team

The Biden administration with the support of the main stream media are pushing false narratives to encourage the American people to get vaccinated.

The “Letter of Approval” was obtained from an article in Before its News. If you search the FDA database for approved drugs or vaccines “COMIRNATY” which the Letter of Approval references is not listed. Therefore our conclusion is the Pfizer vaccine is not approved.

The Administration is looking for all businesses to mandate vaccines which is a crime against humanity and a direct violation of the United States Constitution and the Nuremberg Code.

What has this administration really accomplished for the citizens of America? A health crisis over COVID-19 and vaccines that were fast tracked – untested and do not work, a border crisis unlike any we have ever seen, an Afghanistan crisis leaving thousands of Americans stranded in horrific conditions while this administration evacuates non US Citizens, skyrocketing gas prices, an infrastructure bill filled with so much pork and projects not pertaining to infrastructure and a national debt that is out of control and a voting system no legal American citizen trusts.

It’s time for the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to start working together to truly work on behalf of America and all its legal citizens. You can start with the impeachment of Biden then move on to securing our people our borders strengthening our economy and insuring we have safe, legal, fair and free elections.

Wake up America!

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