Covid-19: We Have Nothing to Fear, but The Press (and Fauci, and Gates,…) Itself
Covid-19: We Have Nothing to Fear, but The Press (and Fauci, and Gates,…) Itself

By Kevin Scully

I have finished a review of the latest Covid statistics from the CDC webpage, updated 7/29/20.  If you do nothing else, please look at Table 1 at the link.  It is a summary of deaths associated with Covid, influenza, and pneumonia, and it shows a dramatic decrease in the death rate!

The press keeps talking about a spike in “new” cases, but the CDC has been combining the test results of the COVID-19 diagnostic test (you have it now) and the antibody test (you had it sometime in the past).  A positive antibody test is only a “new” case in the sense that the CDC has just learned that you were sick at some point and got better.  Oh, and about that antibody test, here is one of the things the CDC admits to on their website:

“A positive test result shows you may have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.”

Who reading this has not had a common cold at one time in their lives?

To me, the most meaningful statistics to judge current risk are the number of current hospitalizations and deaths that are occurring now. Table 1 shows we are out of the Flu/Covid season. (Yay!)

To put things in Perspective, Let’s Look at 2017

The CDC reported that in 2017:
Total number of deaths in the US: 2,813,503
Death rate: 863.8 deaths per 100,000 population.

Now Back To 2020

According to the CDC, in America, there were 1,421,135 total deaths, including Covid deaths, half-way through 2020 (week ending 7/4/20). That number is 1% higher than 1,406,751 (1/2 of 2017 deaths). If we adjust for population increase (325 mil in 2017 and 331 mil now in 2020), the number of deaths in the US are 1% lower than would be expected using the 2017 death rate.

Not 400% higher
Not 100% higher
Not 50% higher


And it is lower even though the number of deaths in 2020 includes the thousands of preventable deaths caused in NY, NJ, MA, PA, and MI by putting the elderly, sick with Covid, into nursing homes to kill others.

And NH?

According to the CDC (updated 7/29), the total number of deaths in NH to date from all causes, including Covid, is 6,573.  If we use the 2017 death rate (864/100,000) and a population of 1,350,000, the expected number of deaths on day 211 of 366 is around 6,724.  We also have fewer deaths in NH than would be anticipated using the 2017 death rate.

Novel Black Death, raised to the power of infinity? I don’t think so!

We Have Nothing to Fear but The Press (and Fauci, and Gates,…) Itself

Again, look at those numbers (and that Table 1) and explain to me why people are still panicking, other than the fact that an irresponsible press that continues to fan the flames of fear.

The world has always had danger, but the numbers say to me that it’s as safe as it ever was to come out. New Hampshire, let’s shake off the fear they are trying to impose on us and let’s go back to living our lives like proud and brave Americans.

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