White House press secretary on Steele dossier: 'Documented history of lies' from Obama administration
White House press secretary on Steele dossier: 'Documented history of lies' from Obama administration

By Julia Musto | Fox News

Democrats are trying to ‘cover up’ what they did to President Trump, she says.

There is a “documented history of lies” from the Obama administration surrounding the Russia investigation, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany stated Tuesday.

In an interview on “Fox & Friends,” McEnany said Democrats did not want Attorney General William Barr to reveal the truth about so-called “Russiagate” and denied claims the Justice Department leader is only testifying on Capitol Hill today to run interference for President Trump.

“That’s not at all the case,” she asserted.


“Attorney General Barr has done an incredible job and the real problem that Democrats have with Attorney General Barr is that he’s actually taking ‘Russiagate’ seriously: this bogus sham effort that was launched against President Trump when he was just a candidate and went into his administration,” McEnany noted.

“The fact that Bill Barr is looking into why the Obama Administration spied on Trump campaign is their real problem. That he is in [search] of the truth. And, that is their problem with Attorney General Barr,” she said.

In addition, the secretary told the “Fox & Friends” hosts that former senior adviser to President Obama Valerie Jarrett was just trying to “cover-up” what her administration had done to Trump during an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo earlier Tuesday morning.

“Did President Obama direct any of this?” asked the “Mornings with Maria” host.

“That’s not how it works,” Jarrett replied. “That’s not how our investigations work…we leave that to the intelligence community to bring forward information and the [Steele] dossier, I would imagine, would be one piece of a much bigger puzzle.

“And so, if you’re saying, ‘Is it important to make sure that there isn’t influence…’ And actually, the Mueller report didn’t conclude that there wasn’t any wrongdoing. In fact, he was explicit in saying quite the opposite,” Jarrett continued. “And so, I don’t think we should read in where there haven’t been actually any conclusions to that effect yet.”

McEnany said Jarrett’s interview was yet “another case of the Obama administration officials trying to cover up what they did” to President Trump.

“The fact is, this president was exonerated,” she remarked. “He did nothing wrong.”

“And, the people who have questions to answer [are] people like Susan Rice who said on PBS: ‘I know nothing about Trump administration officials getting caught up in foreign surveillance,’” McEnany added. “When, in fact, she herself wrote an e-mail on her way out the door talking about an Oval Office meeting with President Obama and Vice President Biden where they talked about Michael Flynn and the Logan Act and the fact that he was caught up in surveillance.

“There is a documented history of lies from this administration as they try to cover up for their misdeeds against President Trump,” she concluded.

Julia Musto is a reporter for Fox News Digital.

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