USS Nimitz
USS Nimitz

By Before Its News

President Trump, on November 27, 2019 at 6:30PM (Phone In Caller Hal Turner Radio – not verified), Signed into Effect, “Mexican Drug Cartels Are Hereby Designated As Terrorist Organizations,” Giving, “The United States Military the ‘Go Ahead’ to Attack these Drug Cartels in Mexico.”

This Action (Terrorist Designation) is bitterly opposed by Mexican President Obrador. “He (Obrador) does not want a ‘Syrian Effect (War Torn Destruction)’ in his Country.” Nevertheless, “President Trump has Ordered 3 Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups into Action (verified) off the Mexican Coast.” The 3 Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups are as follows:

1. USS Nimitz (CVN-68)

2. USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)

3. USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75)… 

“A Conflict in Mexico is Soon Coming.” The only Real Issue becomes, “Shall the ‘Mexican Military Act In Opposition’ to The United States Military?” 

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