UK Parliament Holds Biden ‘In Contempt’ Over ‘Catastrophic,’ ‘Shameful’ Unilateral U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan
UK Parliament Holds Biden ‘In Contempt’ Over ‘Catastrophic,’ ‘Shameful’ Unilateral U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan

By Fuzzy Slippers – a constitutional conservative, a writer, and an editor.

America’s back.

As the Biden-bungled Afghanistan withdrawal travesty unfolds and questions arise—even at the New York Times—about Biden’s competency, empathy, and honesty, it is worth revisiting the UK Parliament’s decision to hold Biden in contempt.

The brutal assessment of our arguably closest ally adds dimension and depth to the Biden stain and undermines his ridiculous pronouncement that “America is back.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The United Kingdom’s Parliament on Wednesday held President Joe Biden in contempt for his withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, calling the move “catastrophic” and “shameful.”

Members of Parliament, including some who served alongside U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, accused Biden of “throwing us and everybody else to the fire” with his decision to withdraw. They also attacked Biden for his “shameful” criticism of the Afghan National Army and said it was “dishonourable” to blame Afghanistan’s fighting force for the Taliban’s takeover.

“Those who have never fought for the colours they fly should be careful about criticising those who have,” said Tom Tugendhat, a British Army veteran of the Afghanistan war and the Conservative chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Biden is one of only a few U.S. presidents who have not served in the military.

The Telegraph has more:

The interventions mark a deterioration in UK-US relations almost exactly 20 years after Britain joined America in invading Afghanistan to root out terrorism after the September 11 attacks.

. . . . Wednesday’s debate marked the first time Parliament has sat as normal in more than a year, as MPs and peers crammed into the chambers with Covid social distancing rules gone.

Mr Johnson began by arguing that America’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan had forced Britain’s hand, saying it was an “illusion” to think other allies wanted to step in to keep the peace.

“The West could not continue this US-led mission – a mission conceived and executed in support and defence of America – without American logistics, without US air power and without American might,” the Prime Minister said in a clear swipe at Washington.

MPs from all sides of the Commons were forceful in their criticism. Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, said: “The US is, of course, an important ally, but to overlook the fighting of the Afghan troops and forces, and the fact that they have been at the forefront of that fighting in recent years, is wrong.”

Biden did not consult with–or even inform–our allies prior to executing his unilateral and catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and reports indicate that Biden refused to take repeated calls from our allies, including those spanning some 36-hours after the fall of Kabul by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Meanwhile, and I cannot emphasize this enough, Team Biden honestly believes that the polls showing support for an end to war in Afghanistan, where no U.S. military member has died in eighteen months due to our reduced but strategic role as air and communications (and morale) support, will lead to Americans rewarding him for this chaotic, mismanaged, and entirely avoidable debacle.

The poll-driven leftists who think only in dichotomies–either be in a forever war or have this utter catastrophic cluster that left not only American but our allies short-footed–and stake their political lives on “the ends justify the means” are banking on Americans thinking that leaving potentially tens of thousands of Americans to the barbaric Taliban (and ISIS) is fine as long as we are out of Afghanistan.

We lost almost three thousand Americans on 9/11, and the Biden team actually thinks, truly believes to their very core, that we are willing to leave two times, ten times (more?) that many Americans to a far worse fate in Afghanistan.

The Biden team’s cruel, inhumane myopia and the complete lack of understanding of America and Americans is astounding, but that is what they really think and will continue to think until the images of the all-but-assured fate of stranded, Biden-abandoned Americans hit the internet. Even then, they will bleat, but wait, Americans wanted to end the Afghan war, the polls told us so!

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