Twitter lifts New York Post's suspension over Hunter Biden report
Twitter lifts New York Post's suspension over Hunter Biden report

By Joseph A. Wulfsohn | Fox News

‘We’re baaaaaaack’ the paper celebrated on its newly-unlocked account.

Twitter lifted its suspension of the New York Post’s main account Friday, ending a weeks-long standoff after the social media giant punished the newspaper for tweeting its explosive report about Hunter Biden.

Big Tech faced significant backlash after Twitter and Facebook attempted to suppress the Post report, which included published emails that allegedly came from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Twitter went to extremes by not even allowing users to share the article, which it initially claimed violated its policy of sharing hacked material, though there was no evidence that the emails published by the Post were hacked. 

“Our policies are living documents. We’re willing to update and adjust them when we encounter new scenarios or receive important feedback from the public,” Twitter Safety began a thread from its official account. “One such example is the recent change to our Hacked Materials Policy and its impact on accounts like the New York Post.

“In response, we’re updating our practice of not retroactively overturning prior enforcement. Decisions made under policies that are subsequently changed & published can now be appealed if the account at issue is a driver of that change. We believe this is fair and appropriate.”


The statement continued, “This means that because a specific @nypost enforcement led us to update the Hacked Materials Policy, we will no longer restrict their account under the terms of the previous policy and they can now Tweet again.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted this week that its policy of forbidding anyone to tweet out the Post’s Hunter Biden report was a mistake. However, the company’s position had remained that the newspaper must delete the original tweet in order to regain access to its account, at least until Friday evening. 

Many celebrated the Post’s victory on social media and commended the paper for not backing down in principle. 

“We’re baaaaaaack,” the Post tweeted above a picture of Saturday’s front page, which bore the headline “Free Bird!”

The New York Post was the first outlet to publish damning emails and messages suggesting impropriety in Hunter Biden’s foreign business ties that implicated his father Joe Biden.

Since then, numerous outlets have advanced the story and Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski has spoken out, accusing the Democratic nominee of lying about not having any involvement with his son’s business deals.

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