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By Yael Halon | Fox News

Tucker Carlson opened his show Monday night by reacting to a research dossier compiled by the so-called “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance, which reportedly concludes that China intentionally hid or destroyed evidence of the coronavirus pandemic in what amounted to an “assault on international transparency.”

“This new information is not thanks to our press corps,” Carlson began. “Reporters are supposed to be open-minded and curious, that was once their job description, but our media is no longer interested in learning what they don’t know. Wherever freethinking emerges, our media are there to slap it on and suppress it.


“For months, they demanded we not think about where this virus came from, and a suggestion it may have come from China, they told us, was dangerously racist.”

“Tying this pandemic to China is not racist,” Carlson said after playing a montage of media figures decrying Trump’s references to “the Chinese virus”. “It is true. It came from China … as we are learning it could only have come from China in the way that it did.”

“By the time this pandemic has played out, China plans to rule the world.”— Tucker Carlson

The 15-page document from the intelligence agencies of the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand, was obtained by Australia’s Saturday Telegraph newspaper.

The dossier, which is likely to further increase pressure on the Chinese government to explain its actions and early statements, points to the initial denial by the Beijing government that the virus could be transmitted between humans, the silencing of doctors, destruction of evidence, and a refusal to provide samples to scientists working on a vaccine.

“Day by day this cover-up became crazier and more intense,” Carlson said.

“Why was China doing all of this? To save face obviously, but there were other reasons,” he continued, pointing to a new report from the Department of Homeland Security which claims that China quietly stocked up on medical supplies even as it downplayed the epidemic internationally.

“In January China increased imports of surgical masks … they increased imports of surgical gowns by 72 percent, surgical gloves by 32 percent,” Carlson said. “At the same time, Chinese diplomats began telling the world at the virus actually came from America, maybe from the U.S. military. Maybe from a lab. They denounced any claims to the contrary as … three guesses, racist. It worked.”

According to the intelligence file, Chinese diplomats reportedly pressured the European Union to remove language about China’s mishandling of the outbreak.

“Western media, needless to say, played along with all of this. Why? They knew that any criticism of Western civilization must be true. Of course. It’s easy for them to wind up as willing pawns of Chinese government propaganda. And pawns they were.”


As the United States moves toward a phased reopening and begins to asses the damage caused by the pandemic, China is advancing in their plan to “rule the world,” Carlson said.

“We are squabbling about lockdowns … that is the debate in this country. That is not the debate in China, why? Because they have bigger plans. By the time this pandemic has played out,” Carlson warned, “China plans to rule the world.”

“For the West, the coronavirus has been a bewildering disaster that we will be recovering from for a long time,” he explained, “but for the Chinese government, the whole thing has been a blessing.

“They believe it’s the beginning of a new Chinese century.”

Fox News’ Adam Shaw, Gillian Turner, and John Roberts contributed to this report. Yael Halon is a reporter for Fox News.

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