The First Day Agenda for the 47th President of the United States
The First Day Agenda for the 47th President of the United States

By Stephen Zogopoulos, USNN World News

As the newly elected 47th President of the United States prepares to take office in January 2025, the nation stands at a critical crossroads. Over the past several years, the country has witnessed unprecedented challenges: illegal immigration has surged, inflation has strained the economy, the rule of law has faced significant challenges, and the so-called “woke” movement has divided communities. The new president’s first day in office offers a pivotal opportunity to set the tone for an administration committed to restoring stability, unity, and prosperity. Here’s what the new president should prioritize on their inaugural day.

1. Addressing Illegal Immigration

The first action must be to restore order at the nation’s borders. The new president should sign an executive order to enhance border security measures, increase funding for Customs and Border Protection, and streamline the immigration process to ensure it is both humane and efficient. It is crucial to send a clear message that while America welcomes immigrants, it must do so through legal and controlled channels. Initiatives to cooperate with Central American countries to address the root causes of migration should also be reinforced, alongside reforms to the asylum process to prevent abuses while protecting genuine refugees.

Regarding those who have already crossed our borders and are here illegally, a robust but fair approach is essential. The president should introduce measures that include:

  • Increased Deportations: Prioritize the deportation of individuals who have committed crimes while in the United States. This sends a clear message that illegal activities will not be tolerated.
  • Penalties for Employers: Implement strict penalties for employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers, thereby reducing the incentive for illegal immigration.
  • Legal Pathways and Penalties: Create pathways for undocumented immigrants who have been in the country for an extended period and have contributed positively to their communities to attain legal status. This should include paying back taxes and a penalty for their illegal entry as a condition for legalization.
  • Border Infrastructure: Invest in technology and physical barriers where necessary to prevent future illegal crossings.

2. Combating Inflation

Inflation has eroded the purchasing power of American families, making daily life more expensive. On day one, the president should convene a summit with key economic advisors, Federal Reserve officials, and industry leaders to develop a comprehensive strategy to curb inflation. Immediate measures might include suspending unnecessary regulatory burdens that stifle business growth, promoting domestic energy production to reduce fuel costs, and implementing targeted tax relief for middle and lower-income families. The goal should be to create a stable economic environment that fosters growth and reduces the financial pressure on everyday Americans.

3. Reinforcing the Rule of Law

The rule of law is a cornerstone of American democracy, yet recent years have seen it come under intense strain. The president must prioritize restoring confidence in the justice system. This involves appointing a task force to review and recommend reforms for federal law enforcement agencies, ensuring they operate with integrity and accountability. Additionally, reaffirming support for local law enforcement while promoting community-based initiatives can help rebuild trust and cooperation between police and the communities they serve. Upholding the law should also extend to tackling political corruption and ensuring that no individual, regardless of position, is above the law.

4. Countering the Extremes of the Woke Movement

The cultural divide exacerbated by the extremes of the woke movement needs a balanced approach. The president should advocate for policies that promote unity and mutual respect, emphasizing the importance of free speech and diverse viewpoints. On day one, the president could sign an executive order establishing a commission to promote civic education that underscores the values of free expression, individual rights, and shared American identity. By fostering an environment where dialogue and differing opinions are respected, the administration can help heal the divisions that have fragmented society.

The 47th President’s first day in office should be marked by decisive actions that address the most pressing issues facing the nation. By prioritizing border security, tackling inflation, reinforcing the rule of law, and promoting a balanced approach to cultural issues, the new administration can set a foundation for a more prosperous, secure, and united America. The road ahead will undoubtedly be challenging, but with clear and determined leadership, the country can navigate these turbulent times and emerge stronger.

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