Sean Hannity calls out Dem leaders of cities ravaged by riots: 'Spectacular failure on every level'
Sean Hannity calls out Dem leaders of cities ravaged by riots: 'Spectacular failure on every level'

By Charles Creitz | Fox News

Sean Hannity expressed grief at the death of George Floyd Monday night, saying that the Minneapolis man’s life and death are now being overshadowed by the looting and vandalism carried out in major cities by violent anarchists.

“Make no mistake. We have been very clear. Peaceful protesting surrounding this horrific death of George Floyd is warranted and substantial and the right thing to do,” Hannity said.

“Sadly now, the life and death of George Floyd is getting overshadowed by criminals, anarchists, those looting and burning groups like Antifa who are wreaking havoc on the streets of our cities,” Hannity continued.


“At this point, hundreds of businesses have been utterly destroyed; storefronts smashed in, fires burning out of control, looting in many great American cities. Business owners violently attacked.”

The host described how a Rochester, N.Y., woman was “savagely assaulted by an angry mob” who was vandalizing her store, and that a Dallas man was beaten unconscious by looters.

“What we are all witnessing as a country is a fundamental failure of liberal governments, liberal governors, liberal mayors all across the country,” Hannity said. “Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and other major cities now ravaged by chaos. They have been run by Democrats for decades.”

The host claimed that the same left-wing governance that was to blame for the failure of the COVID-19 response in some states is again making life difficult for residents.

“They know about Antifa. They know about these anarchists. They know the risks they pose. They have let this build and build and build and do nothing to stop the violence,” Hannity said. “Maybe on night one they could have said they weren’t prepared. What’s your excuse for nights two, three, four, five? They knew that cities were vulnerable to looting and violence during times of unrest. Yet, they are totally unprepared for anything as always.”

He described Democratic politicians’ handling of the violence “a total complete dereliction of duty.”

“There was no plan, a spectacular failure on every level,” Hannity said. “The damage, the carnage, the wreckage will go on for years as a result of this. This chaos needs to end now.”

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