RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel: Republicans fighting Democratic attempts to steal election victory
RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel: Republicans fighting Democratic attempts to steal election victory

By Ronna McDaniel | Fox News

The Republican National Committee has invested over $20 million and launched an unprecedented effort to protect the vote.

Democrats are transparent about their goals: raising taxes, eliminating oil and natural gas, packing the Supreme Court, and giving themselves every opportunity to sue their way to victory in the election now underway. Republicans are fighting them on all these counts.

Democrats have seized on the global coronavirus pandemic to not just limit our freedom, but to transform Election Day from Nov. 3 into Nov. 3 through Nov. 20, or whenever Democrats dig up enough ballots to declare victory, whichever comes first.

“Finding” late-arriving, non-postmarked ballots days after Election Day might be business as usual in tin-pot dictatorships, but it is no way to run an election in the United States of America. This is what left-wing groups want. They have tried to gut election laws through the courts in every battleground state across the country.


In response to this legal onslaught, the Republican National Committee has invested over $20 million and launched an unprecedented effort to protect the vote. We could not stand idly by and let Democrats strip away every ballot safeguard. Through our commitment to election integrity, we secured numerous victories.

We prevented paid organizers from trafficking in other people’s ballots, also known as ballot harvesting. Four people were indicted for engaging in this disreputable tactic in a fraudulent election in Paterson, N.J. Despite Democrats’ best efforts, the practice remains illegal in Arizona, Florida, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

This week the Supreme Court blocked Democrats from changing the law to accept ballots for nearly a week after Election Day in Wisconsin.

In Maine, Hillary Clinton’s election-meddling lawyer Marc Elias sought to allow ballots to come in for 10 days after the polls closed. Our intervention stopped that from happening.

The Supreme Court reinstated South Carolina’s witness requirement for mail-in ballots.

Iowa’s state Supreme Court sided with the Republican National ‘Committee to ensure officials positively identify voters applying for absentee ballots — another important safeguard. We’ve fought to protect the vote across 23 states and secured dozens of major legal victories.

Radical Democratic groups are so desperate to use the pandemic to their advantage that they attacked even bipartisan election reforms.

Left-wing activists sought to reverse North Carolina’s recent bipartisan ban on ballot harvesting, gut absentee ballot witness signature requirements, and mandate ballots be mailed to voters who haven’t even asked for one. They were losing in court, so Democratic activists instead pursued collusive settlements.

After suing, they would pressure local Democratic officials to accept radical reforms they knew no court would order, like counting ballots nine days after the election. This backroom dealing led two members of the North Carolina Board of Elections to resign in protest. Democrats touted this as a “win” — for themselves alone, not for free and fair elections.

Democrats tried to turn every swing state into California, where Democratic ballots have a tendency to miraculously turn up after Election Day. But they know they have largely failed in this attempt to radically change state laws for partisan ends.

Marc Elias laments that it can be easy for “progressives to simply give up on the courts.” But the Democrats will stop at nothing. The same people who lied about hiring foreign spies to meddle in the 2016 election — and then used their Russian disinformation to try to delegitimize President Trump’s victory — are again meddling in 2020.

Worried they are losing this election, Democrats are changing the narrative. They are talking about long voter lines — in counties and cities run by Democrats. After their disastrous mail-in primaries in June that took up to six weeks for results, voters are waiting for up to five hours in New York City, and up to 10 hours in DeKalb County and Atlanta, Ga.

The Democratic excuse for their upcoming election loss will be so-called “voter suppression,” when in actuality illegal ballots will be disqualified for running afoul of integrity laws — like missing signatures, or ballots with signatures that do not match the voter’s signature on file.

The Democrats will try to drag out the process for weeks and attempt to steal elections in court.

Luckily, we have thousands of volunteers not only getting out the vote to reelect President Trump and save America, but who are observing our elections to ensure they are free and fair.

Poll watchers are already making a difference.  A Houston poll watcher discovered an election judge and poll workers using stacks of driver licenses to commit fraud in a drive-thru intended for voting during the pandemic. American patriots can still get involved by volunteering to be a poll watcher on Election Day.

This is the most important election in our lifetimes. It’s about preserving our founding ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which are threatened by the radical left and its enforcers in Big Tech and the left-wing media. We can secure peace, prosperity and our future with four more years of President Trump working tirelessly to advance America’s interests.

This Election Day, forgotten men and women can reelect the president who never forgot them. And we will make sure their voices are heard, loudly, clearly, freely and fairly.

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