RFK Jr. Names New Campaign Manager Days After Announcing Independent Presidential Bid
RFK Jr. Names New Campaign Manager Days After Announcing Independent Presidential Bid

By Jeff Louderback

Days after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced he was leaving the 2024 Democrat presidential primary to run as an independent, Dennis Kucinich released a statement that he was leaving his post as campaign manager.

He was replaced by Amaryllis Fox Kennedy, a former undercover CIA agent who is married to Mr. Kennedy’s son, Robert F. Kennedy III.

Mr. Kucinich on Oct. 13 confirmed that he was no longer Mr. Kennedy’s campaign manager and added that he would not discuss the campaign’s internal communications.

Mr. Kucinich had served as Mr. Kennedy’s campaign manager since the candidate announced he would challenge President Joe Biden for the 2024 Democrat presidential nomination in April.

Former U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, on March 17, 2010. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Earlier this year, Mr. Kucinich told The Epoch Times that Mr. Kennedy “is the only Democrat who can reach across the political spectrum, which means he can win in 2024.

“Conservatives, liberals, independents, and libertarians are responding to this campaign because of the unique qualities of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and because there is an understanding he stands for unity, freedom, truth, and authenticity,” Mr. Kucinich added. “That is what’s resonating with people.”

In a message to Mr. Kennedy’s campaign staffers on Oct. 13, Mr. Kucinich said that “the powerful team” is prepared to take the campaign in a new direction.

“That patriotic goal is within sight, and I urge each of you to hold fast,” Mr. Kucinich said.

Mr. Kennedy released a statement in which he called Mr. Kucinich “a moral center in American politics for more than five decades.”

“The campaign benefited enormously from the political experience of Dennis Kucinich. This campaign would never have experienced tremendous success during the past six months except for the leadership, wisdom, and experience he brought. We will continue to profit from his advice and judgment as we go forward,” Mr. Kennedy said.

The campaign’s financial report, which was filed with the Federal Election Commission on Sept. 30, showed that Ms. Kennedy was already on the campaign payroll.

The report also indicated that Mr. Kennedy raised $8.7 million during the third quarter and has more than $6 million cash on hand.

Mr. Kucinich, a Democrat, has spent a long career in politics. He was elected to Cleveland city council in 1969 and became the mayor in 1977 when he was 31. He was eventually unseated by Republican George Voinovich in 1979.

Following unsuccessful runs for Congress, Mr. Kucinich was elected to the U.S. House in 1996, served eight terms, and was co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus for two terms.

In 2012, Mr. Kucinich lost a primary to fellow Democrat Marcy Kaptur, who is now the longest-serving House member, when redistricting pitted the two lawmakers as rivals.

Mr. Kucinich sought the Democrat party’s presidential nomination in 2004 and 2008, but those campaigns were short-lived.

He ran for governor in Ohio in 2018 and lost in the Democrat primary and finished third in a 2021 bid for Cleveland’s mayor.

Mr. Kucinich introduced Mr. Kennedy in Philadelphia on Oct. 9 when Mr. Kennedy said he was running as an independent.

“He is now handing off the baton to the team he did so much to cultivate, headed now by my daughter-in-law, Amaryllis Kennedy. Amaryllis is a woman of extraordinary intelligence and drive who I am confident will take this campaign to the next level,” Mr. Kennedy said.

Ms. Kennedy is the former founder and CEO of Mulu, a natural language processing startup. She was also Head of Product for what was then Twitter’s consumer commerce division.

Over the last year, Ms. Kennedy “has launched and managed many of the campaign’s front-facing initiatives, working closely with Kennedy, Kucinich, campaign leadership, national staff, and volunteers,” according to a statement released by Mr. Kennedy’s campaign.

Ms. Kennedy, who earned a law degree from Oxford University and a master’s degree in international security from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, called the campaign “a historic people-powered movement to reclaim the American Dream on behalf of all our citizens.”

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