Police K9 Accused of ‘Stealing’ Officer’s Lunch ‘Invokes Fifth Amendment’ Right to Remain Silent
Police K9 Accused of ‘Stealing’ Officer’s Lunch ‘Invokes Fifth Amendment’ Right to Remain Silent

By The Epoch Times Inspired Staff

Few virtues are as important in the profession of law enforcement as honesty.

The Wyandotte Police Department (WPD) in Michigan made this point crystal clear when they announced that one furry, four-legged officer in their ranks was guilty of “stealing!” And from a fellow officer no less.

The WPD took to Facebook to air the matter with the public, for, as the saying goes, “sunlight is the best disinfectant” for purging corruption. We’ll let the posts tell the story, though we’ll mention that this particular officer was recently let off the hook!

Our readers may determine for themselves if justice was served.

A mugshot of Officer Ice, whose investigation for stealing was pending until later retracted. (Courtesy of Wyandotte Police Department – Michigan)

On Jan. 12, the WDP stated solemnly:

It saddens me to report that a current officer of the Wyandotte Police Department is under investigation for stealing! 

The incident happened two days ago at the station. Ofc. Barwig was eating lunch in the breakroom when he was called to assist with a person in the WPD jail. He quickly jumped into service, leaving his half eaten lunch on the table. A short while later Barwig and another officer returned to the breakroom only to find Ofc. Ice leisurely strolling out of the room licking his chops. Barwig’s entire lunch was gone….disappeared, vanished!

Ofc. Ice has invoked his fifth amendment right to remain silent and quite frankly is not cooperating with the investigation. He has a history of rummaging through trash cans that are within his reach. There have been several other accusations of him taking food right from coworker’s hands as they walk by. 

WPD will consider our Facebook followers’ opinions on how to proceed with this investigation.

Then, in a post on January 18, the Department updated on officer Ice’s situation:

Dozens of attorneys have offered to defend Ofc Ice pro-?– o!

We have been threatened with massive protests if we move forward with our investigation and/or charges.

Plus the overall public just doesn’t believe he is guilty. No video has been produced.

Matter of fact one of his local supporters, Lunch Wyandotte, dropped him off a custom made sandwich today because they felt like he wasn’t being fed enough. Side note, they threw the officers a tray of sammies too!  

The public has spoken.

Spoken indeed! It turns out, many in the public agree with the decision not to investigate Officer Ice. Some even aired their opinions in the comments section of the WPD’s Facebook post. Here is a sampling of what they had to say.

Expressing lucid legal understanding, Mat Vanella wrote: “Possession is 9/10th of the law. Case dismissed. Defamation case and belly rubs compensation awarded.”

Pete Bovee shared another theory: “Sounds like entrapment to me. The case should be thrown out.”

Meanwhile, Paul Raupp, clearly swayed by the defendant’s adorable mugshot, wrote: “Innocent until proven guilty. Besides that, look at that face. He couldn’t of done it.”

An actual lawyer, apparently, Paul Youngs offered to defend the K9: “Justice for Ice! I’ll defend pro bono!”

There is little doubt the pun was unequivocally intended.

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