Photographer Snaps Stormy Sublime Sunset—Over Land and Sea—at Carova Beach, NC
Photographer Snaps Stormy Sublime Sunset—Over Land and Sea—at Carova Beach, NC

By EMP Inspired Staff

A New York photographer recently captured a surreal stormy sunset during a trip to Carova Beach, North Carolina, which left him more than a little impressed.

George Wang, who works at an engineering consulting company in the tri-state area, was on a drive with his friends when they noticed something unusual on the horizon.

“We were driving down the beach during a brief sunny moment after it’s been raining the whole week,” Wang said during an interview with The Epoch Times.

“While driving, we noticed a red spot in the distant storm so we drove as close as we could.”

They drew near, without getting too close, and Wang and his friends realized that the red spot was the effect caused by storm clouds backlit by the warm glow of the North Carolina sunset—which passed through the squall and lit up the horizon like fire.

Awestruck, Wang got out his drone and captured a shot of the mesmerizing scene, which was broken into areas of sand, sea, sunset, and stormy clouds above.

He managed to capture this:

“I captured multiple landscape images with 50 percent vertical overlap. Then I merged the image together to create a vertical panorama within Lightroom,” Wang explained.

Wang and his friends were amazed by the spectacle; and he took to social media to share the photo.

“We were in pure awe to be present at something so beautiful, we paused to enjoy the moment for as long as we could,” he said.

Wang specializes in environmental portraiture—depicting people in an environment—as a hobby, while working a day job in information technology.

“I am in the field of information technology, I am in love with all things tech-related. DSLR cameras and drones are all part of my digital collection,” he said.

“That being said, I have always loved photography, it is my hobby. My main interest is new experiences, and [I] will pretty much enjoy anything.”

Despite being a technology buff, Wang developed an interest in photography in his earlier years, mainly landscape photography, and it became a hobby.

“When I started photography initially, I mainly focused on landscapes,” he said.

“However, over time, I found that a bit boring because it’s usually missing subjects. So I now shoot environmental portraits.”

Sometimes, though, no subjects can compare to a sublime storm or ethereal sunset on a beautiful beach.

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