Pennsylvania bakery's election-themed 'cookie poll' is now showing clear front-runner
Pennsylvania bakery's election-themed 'cookie poll' is now showing clear front-runner

By Michael Bartiromo | Fox News

Lochel’s Bakery will debut a ‘celebratory’ cookie in honor of the winner.

The official tally isn’t in just yet, but one candidate can safely claim victory in a Pennsylvania bakery’s cookie poll.

Lochel’s, a family-owned bakery located in the town of Hatboro, tells Fox News that the shop’s Trump-themed cookies are “vastly” outselling its Biden-themed cookies by a margin of almost 6 to 1, with some customers driving from neighboring states in order to get their hands on the treats.

“We had one guy drive twice from Staten Island for them,” said bakery owner Kathleen Lochel.

What’s more, Kathleen had previously touted that the informal “cookie poll” — which she’s held for the past four election cycles — has accurately predicted the outcome of the last three elections.


“We plan on tallying them up tomorrow night, to do our final tally,” she told Fox News on Monday morning of the bakery’s “cookie poll,” which kicked off around two months back. “But right now, Donald Trump is still in the lead… we’ve sold about 28,000 [Trump] cookies to 5,000 [of Biden’s].

“By the end of today’s sales, knowing the orders we have, Trump cookie sales should probably approach 29,000.”

Owner Kathleen Lochel tells Fox News the idea originally started “as a joke” back in 2008. (Lochel’s Bakery)

After her final tally on Tuesday night, however, Kathleen says she’ll stop counting up the cookie sales — even if the actual election drags on for days past Nov. 3. The bakery, however, will continue to bake the limited-edition cookies for customers who currently have outstanding orders.

“This is definitely by far the busiest we’ve ever been,” Kathleen says, adding that demand for the cookies have “superseded” anything they’ve seen before — including the week leading up to Christmas, which is generally their busiest time of year.

Lochel’s doesn’t plan on taking any breaks after the election, either. In addition to fulfilling the back orders, Kathleen will be debuting a “celebratory” cookie in honor of the winner, with special sweets planned in the event of either a Trump or Biden victory.

The bakery will bee debuting a “celebratory” cookie in honor of the winner, with special sweets planned in the event of either a Trump or Biden victory. (Lochel’s Bakery)

“I think people just love that they’re participating in something,” said Kathleen, who hypothesized that her customers crave the community aspect of election-themed activity, beyond simply just casting their ballots at the polls. “It brings people together, regardless of the Democrats or Republicans.”

In a larger sense, the owner explained that the famous cookie poll aims to serve as a fun outlet for customers, not make any political statement. And above all, Kathleen says she’s thankful her business is thriving as the pandemic continues.

Lochel’s Bakery has claimed that its “cookie poll” isn’t aiming to make any political statement, but rather provide a fun outlet for customers. (Google)

“If people could just look at the whole picture, and see that a small business has overcome the pandemic by thinking out of the box… I hope that inspires others to stay afloat, stay the course, and hopefully we’ll all survive.”

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