‘Non Woke’ Employee Wanted: Small IT Firm Advertises for Technician
‘Non Woke’ Employee Wanted: Small IT Firm Advertises for Technician

By Henry Jom

A small Australian IT company has made it clear that woke people need not apply if they are seeking work as a technician.

Wallis Computer Solutions, a small IT support business in Dalwallinu, Western Australia, posted the job description on Seek on July 28 calling for a “non-woke” MSP L2+ Technician.

“We are looking for an MSP technician who is now looking for a position in a company who is not woke and values diversity of thought,” the advertisement read.

The term “woke” means being “aware, especially of social problems such as racism and inequality,” according to the Cambridge Dictionary. In recent years, the term “woke” has been popularized for political and social justice issues.

The phrase “go woke, go broke” has also become an international slogan, with author John Ringo referring to the rise of organizations using politically correct actions as a strategy, only to result in a massive loss of income.

Meanwhile, prospective employees for the IT company will not be required to use a person’s preferred pronouns.

“No requirements for pronouns, we know what a woman is,” the advert read, reported news.com.au.

Additionally, the prospective employee will not be asked about their vaccination status.

“You are not required to have COVID vaccine or any other vaccine to work.”

The “right applicant” would be able to work completely from home, however, if the prospective employee is willing to move to Dalwallinu—a town with a population of just over 1,300—that would “definitely help in your negotiations,” according to the now edited job advert.

In 2022, Wallis Computer Solutions advertised a job vacancy that was titled “Unvaxxed Remote MSP Technician job.”

More Engagement With Advertisement

Managing Director Nathanael Wallis told news.com.au that there was more activity in the recent advertisement than expected.

Mr. Wallis said that as vaccination status has become a “contentious” issue, he said it was “essential to clarify our organisation’s stance on this issue.”

“Prior to the advent of the Covid-19 vaccine, I expressed to our team my conviction that medical decisions should remain a personal choice,” Mr. Wallis said.

“I firmly stand by this position. It has always been, and will continue to be, the prerogative of our staff members to decide whether or not they wish to receive vaccinations (or any medical treatment).

“We respect their personal autonomy and do not seek to influence these decisions.”

Social media users shared their thoughts on the job advert.

“Terribly unprofessional and a red flag for anyone with a brain. Who cares on someone’s political convictions. Just do your job and act professional,” one person wrote.

Another questioned how the company could say they valued “diversity of thought” but were willing to exclude all “woke” people.

One person said the company “sounded like a bunch of snowflakes.”

“Talk about being easily offended,” they wrote.

Another Australian business that gained attention after posting a contentious ad was a Gold Coast cafe, which was looking for a “female barista.”

The owners of the Jekyll and Hyde Coffee Lab later issued an apology and changed the job advert for “all genders.”

“Need a barista. All genders invited to apply,” the new posting read.

“Apologies previous ad was worded incorrectly. Was never meant to offend.”

The new advert also called for someone who “wants to stick around, does not intend to go to uni, and can commit to turning up five days a week.”

“Someone who lives a fairly normal life with no dramas on the daily, can smile, be genuine, have a funny bone in their body, looks halfway decent, drives a car, has some morals, is a team player, doesn’t want to sit on their phone every 10 minutes,” she continued.

“And most importantly can make coffee.”

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