No School No Tax - The U.S. Taxpayer Demands A Refund
No School No Tax - The U.S. Taxpayer Demands A Refund


In the wake of the Coronavirus lock downs many states and commonwealths are debating if and when schools will reopen. The children of this country require an education to compete with others in a global economy.

School districts were unprepared to educate remotely. Educators had no plan, many students had little infrastructure. What they had was inadequate. The 2019-20 school year was a pass on educating our children.

The coronavirus crisis left many Americans questioning the effectiveness of their local government. What are they doing with taxpayer dollars? Why were they so unprepared? Why is there no disaster recovery plan in place?

The school property, buildings, infrastructure, equipment, supplies, teachers, staff, maintenance and repairs are all taxpayer funded.

The federal government should reserve the right to debit the states for school closures based on the funding they provided. The states along with the federal government should refund the American Taxpayer. Why not reimburse the American taxpayer? We pay state and federal taxes to the government so it may govern. Part of governing is to educate.

When your local & state governments ponder on the idea of reopening our schools, let them know that “We the People” want to be reimbursed for every day our children are out of school.

If schools are not reopened and children are not educated , will the United States taxpayer receive a tax refund? The general consensus is YES and we demand it.

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