Ingraham tells voters to 'learn to spot lies' from Democrats, prevent 'Orwellian chasm' of Biden presidency
Ingraham tells voters to 'learn to spot lies' from Democrats, prevent 'Orwellian chasm' of Biden presidency

By Charles Creitz | Fox News

Fox News host asks Americans, ‘Wouldn’t you rather be decoding and exposing the radical agenda’?

Laura Ingraham opened Thursday’s show with a monologue meant to help viewers “decode” the language used by Democrats to assuage voters who might otherwise be skeptical or fearful of a Joe Biden presidency.

The “Ingraham Angle” host began by quoting George Orwell’s classic 1946 essay, “Politics and the English Language,” in which he wrote that “political language … is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

“At the time, George Orwell was writing about the rise of communism and far-left thought,” Ingraham said. “Today with the rise of the hard left in America, we should keep Orwell’s warnings in mind and learn to spot lies that are made to sound truthful during this pivotal time,” she said.

One example, she said, is Democratic governors and other politics accusing Trump of lacking a “national strategy” to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

“OK, translation,” Ingraham told viewers. “When they say ‘national strategy’, they mean ‘national lockdown.'”

The host claimed Democrats have made it clear through their actions that they want a full economic lockdown until coronavirus “magically disappears” or until an “effective, safe vaccine” is found. Biden, as the party’s presumptive presidential candidate, cannot admit this, because it is so unpopular among the people.

Ingraham then moved onto the subject of race, pointing to the terms “social justice” and “racial justice.” She noted that Biden himself has promised “racial justice” measures before translating the term to mean “empowering groups that pretend to care about minorities but actually just end up profiting themselves by stoking racial animosity.”

“Under a Biden administration, decisions will be made largely based on race, not on merit or hard work or achievement … Get ready for massive discrimination against more than 100 million Americans [while] special privileges, accommodations and money are doled out to certain politically preferred groups.”

Thirdly, Ingraham noted Biden and others have promised to rebuild “international” relationships after Trump purportedly has weakened them.

“Translation,” she said. “Get ready for another apology tour. Biden is going to go around the world begging America’s pardon. After all, having a president who actually fights for American workers and is tough on trade [and] not giving away the store like Obama did — you think the Europeans like that?”

Ingraham concluded by stating she was “confident, despite all the decoding we’re going to have to do, that come fall, many more Americans will understand the Orwellian chasm that you’re going to get thrown into under a Biden administration.

“Wouldn’t you rather be decoding and exposing the radical agenda than actually living under it?”

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