Hidden Agendas: How the U.S. Government Masks Inflation and Taxes Citizens to Enrich Leaders
Hidden Agendas: How the U.S. Government Masks Inflation and Taxes Citizens to Enrich Leaders

By Stephen Zogopoulos, USNN World News

In a stark revelation that shakes the very foundations of American democracy, recent investigations have uncovered a complex web of deceit involving inflation, taxation, and political manipulation aimed at consolidating power among the nation’s elite. This exposé dives into the murky depths of how the government cloaks inflation and policy decisions to siphon wealth from ordinary citizens, enriching the political class, and leverages illegal immigration to maintain its grip on power.

The Inflation Deception

Inflation, the silent thief of purchasing power, has been stealthily eroding the value of American earnings for years. Official reports claim a modest inflation rate, but anyone who shops for groceries or pays rent knows the harsh reality: prices are skyrocketing. The government, however, has mastered the art of manipulating statistics to downplay the true extent of inflation. By tweaking the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to exclude volatile items like food and energy, the administration paints a misleadingly rosy picture of economic stability.

This manipulation serves a dual purpose. First, it allows for the suppression of Social Security and other benefits that are indexed to inflation, saving the government billions at the expense of the most vulnerable. Second, it obscures the real burden of rising prices on middle and lower-income families, diverting attention from the underlying causes—reckless fiscal policies and unchecked money printing.

Taxation: A Stealth Wealth Transfer

While the nation grapples with the illusory nature of reported inflation, a more insidious strategy unfolds through taxation. The government has been adept at introducing tax policies under the guise of fairness and economic necessity, which in reality, deepen the divide between the rich and the poor. The recent slew of tax hikes ostensibly targets the wealthy and corporations. However, loopholes and tax havens ensure that the ultra-rich and powerful corporations evade their fair share.

Instead, the burden falls disproportionately on small businesses and middle-class families, who find themselves squeezed by higher income, property, and consumption taxes. This transfer of wealth masquerades as fiscal responsibility while padding the coffers of the political elite through lucrative government contracts and insider trading schemes that go unchecked and unpunished.

The Immigration Power Play

Amid this economic sleight of hand, another layer of manipulation becomes evident in the handling of illegal immigration. The Democratic Party, facing dwindling support amid widespread disillusionment, has turned to a controversial strategy to retain power: leveraging illegal immigration. By advocating for lenient immigration policies and sanctuary cities, the party aims to create a dependent voter base among undocumented immigrants.

Critics argue that the Democrats’ push for mass legalization and citizenship for illegal immigrants is less about humanitarian concerns and more about securing future electoral victories. With promises of social benefits and protection from deportation, the party seeks to transform these new citizens into loyal voters. This tactic not only undermines the legal immigration system but also strains public resources, further burdening American taxpayers who are already struggling under the weight of concealed inflation and covert taxation.

A Call for Vigilance

As the intricate facade of governmental deceit unravels, it becomes imperative for citizens to demand transparency and accountability. The confluence of disguised inflation, exploitative taxation, and politically motivated immigration policies represents a profound betrayal of public trust. In this critical juncture, Americans must remain vigilant, scrutinize their leaders’ actions, and advocate for reforms that restore integrity and fairness to the nation’s economic and political systems.

Only through collective awareness and action can the tide of deception be turned, ensuring that the government serves its people rather than exploiting them for personal gain and political dominance.

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