Georgia Among States Advancing Investigations Into Alleged Drop Box Ballot Trafficking: True the Vote Founder
Georgia Among States Advancing Investigations Into Alleged Drop Box Ballot Trafficking: True the Vote Founder

By Masooma Haq and Roman Balmakov

Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True The Vote, said the goal of the organization is to present their findings to authorities and advance state-specific investigations into the alleged widespread ballot harvesting that they uncovered during their two-year-long inquiry. Most recently, Georgia has advanced an investigation into this issue.

“There’s also been an update from the Georgia secretary of state, and that we understand that we’re going to soon be receiving subpoenas for information, which is great. That hasn’t happened yet, but we’re very optimistic that when it does, we’re going to have an opportunity to get to the bottom of it,” Engelbrecht told the host of Facts Matter, Roman Balmakov, during a recent interview.

True The Vote is an election integrity watchdog group that has been investigating alleged ballot harvesting operations that took place in six states during the last presidential election. It has found data to prompt official investigations by law enforcement and estimates that over 4 million ballots were allegedly harvested.

The state legislature in Georgia was presented with True The Vote findings and opened a formal investigation into the claims earlier this year. Engelbrecht said she is appreciative of the fact that although Georgia’s authorities are facing challenges in advancing the investigation, they have not been deterred.

“They [Georgia] are following the rule of law. They have been met with serious headwinds in trying to advance this investigation. So kudos to them for sticking with this because it’s not an easy path that they followed, and we’re very appreciative of their diligence,” said Engelbrecht.

“In the case of Georgia where we have active investigations going, they have access to everything, they have all the names, they have all the information that we have, and then they can choose what to do with it.”

True Voted Vote, which began its work probing a local Texas election in 2009, now works nationally to keep U.S. elections free and fair. “Since that time, we’ve very focused on what citizens can do to improve election integrity, to improve the process of their local election. But of course, in 2020, as we all know, things took a very different turn.”

The organization’s work has focused on ballot drop box sites, specifically in the states that had a questionable voting process or interruptions or delays in vote counting.

“What we were looking at was what we believe is the proof of exploitation of ballot drop boxes—the privately funded CTCL (Center for Technology and Civic Life) money, Mark Zuckerberg money, ballot drop boxes,” said Engelbrecht. “And what we presented in the hearing was laying out the research of those specific jurisdictions in which we geo-fenced around the privately funded drop boxes, and then monitored how many individual times the same device went to that drop box, and then from that formed patterns … and presented that to the committee, hopefully helping them achieve some solid legislation that prevents those drop boxes from being used in the future.”

The Epoch Times reached out to CTCL for comment.

She said it takes months to sift through trillions of pieces of data to get a clear picture of what is happening around the drop boxes. “What you’re left with, though, at the end of it is something that is akin to DNA, it is so exacting, and shines a big light on what’s happening inside of our elections.”

The watchdog group found ballot traffickers, who they dubbed “mules” because their habits were akin to drug traffickers, going multiple times to the same location, primarily under the cover of darkness, and using routes not in their normal routines.

Some states denied having any drop box video footage when True The Vote requested it, but many jurisdictions turned over their drop box videos.

“But what we have been able to find in other states where the video was available, is in fact, threading that data, that geospatial data together with the video data, reveals needles in haystacks never before seen of people ballot trafficking, and that’s how our elections are being stolen.”

After the 2020 presidential election, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was criticized by former President Donald Trump for not taking election integrity seriously and praised by Democrats for validating election results. He confirmed during a January interview on the “John Solomon Reports” podcast that he had opened an investigation into alleged ballot harvesting.

“We’ve actually prosecuted people for ballot harvesting. I’ve had several cases come before me on the state election board,” Raffensperger said in one episode. “So, we do have some information and we’re going to investigate that.”

True The Vote also found that in states where “mules” allegedly harvested ballots, they also made repeated visits to specific NGOs. Engelbrecht said she cannot disclose the names of any of the NGOs yet for fear of lawsuits.

A movie based on True The Vote’s work, 2000 Mules, will be released for viewing on May 2. Engelbrecht said there is a lot more that will be revealed in the coming days and months and all their findings will be made public.

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