Fox Digs the Hole They're in Even Deeper After One of Their Hosts Is Caught on Hot Mic Talking About Election
Fox Digs the Hole They're in Even Deeper After One of Their Hosts Is Caught on Hot Mic Talking About Election

By Nick Arama

Fox seems intent on flushing their ratings down the toilet and chasing their viewers away.

It’s been progressively getting worse. But when they called Arizona for Joe Biden even before the New York Times and a lot of the left-wing media and continued to review the election in a manner hostile to the president, that was too much for many Fox viewers.

Then, today, as my colleague Bonchie reported earlier, Neil Cavuto cut away from the White House presser where Kayleigh McEnany was talking about some of the allegations of fraud, claiming they couldn’t verify the claims.

This is insane. They covered false claims by the left for four years about Russia collusion. What the administration is saying is news, the opinion of people on the questions of fraud is news. If you think that there isn’t enough evidence yet, you say that. But you don’t completely cut off the question and fail to cover such news.

Is it any wonder that after all that their ratings crashed?

They even came in behind CNN in the ratings.

But they just made it worse.

One of the guests on Fox expressed the fact that just because the media declares someone president, doesn’t make the person president.

But that caused a meltdown by host Sandra Smith. She made a face as though the fact was completely insane.

But we called it, she says, incredulously. No one should dare question it!

Gee, and she doesn’t understand that media projections don’t actually determine the winner? That they don’t actually have that power? Apparently not.

Fox really needs to make an evaluation of where they are because people are now fleeing them in droves for other news organizations that will at least be honest and not pitch the unquestioning MSM line. If they want to be CNN, they are going to have CNN-like ratings as people completely reject them.

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