Florida Gov. DeSantis: Biden Should Get 'Honorary Membership' With Mexican Cartels
Florida Gov. DeSantis: Biden Should Get 'Honorary Membership' With Mexican Cartels

By Jay Clemons

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis criticized the Biden White House on multiple fronts Wednesday, taking aim at President Joe Biden’s “bad policies” with the economy, energy, infrastructure, and the handling of COVID-19.

But DeSantis’ most memorable quip might have been reserved for the Biden administration’s approach to overseeing the U.S.-Mexico border.

“[President] Biden should be given an honorary membership in the Mexican drug cartels because no one has done more to help the cartels than Biden with his open border policies,” said DeSantis, a likely reference to how Biden White House officials have allowed record numbers of unlawful crossings at the southern border, while also potentially turning a blind eye to dangerous narcotics pouring into America. 

DeSantis also accused Biden of “violating his own oath in office” with immigration, while wondering if the southern-border states should seize control of border issues. 

DeSantis warned that any federal contractors who “dump illegal aliens in Florida” subsequently won’t be able to do business with local and state governments. 

“If Biden is busing illegal aliens into our state, we’re taking those buses and rerouting them to Delaware and other jurisdictions,” says DeSantis, who’s up for gubernatorial reelection in November.

DeSantis fears that Biden’s lax policies on numerous issues could quickly plunge “this country into a recession.”

Regarding the cartels line, DeSantis offered a similar quip on Feb. 7, when he referred to this period as “the golden age for the cartels since Biden became president,” during an appearance at a Miami roundtable discussion.

DeSantis’ Wednesday press conference didn’t include any media questions, but that didn’t stop the governor from sounding off on a variety of topics.

With primary-election season in full swing, DeSantis fully supports term limits for Congress members, precluding politicians from keeping “themselves in office forever, and then end up making decisions that are constantly benefiting themselves at the expense of the country’s future.”

DeSantis also praised Florida officials for providing better roads, services, and schools than New York state, an impressive feat considering Florida has “no state income tax and the lowest per capita tax burden in the country.”

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