Fauci and the Media Have Serious Blood on Their Hands Over COVID
Fauci and the Media Have Serious Blood on Their Hands Over COVID

By Roger L. Simon


Donald Trump did many good things as president, but he didn’t always choose the best people to work with or for him. (Omarosa and “The Mooch”?)

If he wins a second term, he would be well-advised to bear in mind the old saw “Flattery will get you nowhere.”

But I don’t blame Trump for the man who was by far the worst government functionary during his administration and right up there among the worst in American history—Anthony Stephen Fauci.

Treated by the media like some combination of Jesus, Moses, and Hippocrates, this overpaid, lifetime bureaucrat was elevated to the level of soothsayer, every word from his mouth treated as if it were “settled science,” even though that concept could be seen as an oxymoron by anyone with a seventh grade education, and even though he contradicted himself so many times it would take an abacus, appropriately, to keep count.

Meanwhile, the same media excoriated Donald Trump for even suggesting the cheap and readily-available hydroxychloroquine might be useful in curing the disease long ago dubbed here at The Epoch Times, with more corroboration daily, the “CCP virus.” (I can say congratulations to ET—you were one of the few places to come to for real information—because I had nothing to do with this.)

Indeed, what has been called Trump Derangement Syndrome now seems too weak a term, considering the degree it dominated even medical science itself during a pandemic. We need something stronger. “Paranoid Trumpophrenia” perhaps.

Dr. Fauci became the spokesperson for those Trumpophrenics, seemingly adjusting his opinions according to their needs. Anyone who disagreed with His Majesty, no matter his or her bona fides, was ridiculed in the press and social media.

That anti-democratic institution Facebook that pervades our lives to a frightening extent would not even publish routine questioning of the provenance of the disease until just now. It had to have come from a wet market, in the original view of Mark Zuckerberg, not a Chinese government laboratory. Fauci did not contradict him.

The media, also with Fauci’s help, was so successful in their propaganda they cowed the two most important medical journals in the English language—The Journal of the American Academy of Medicine and the British Lancet—into claiming the commonly-used hydroxy was actually dangerous.

These esteemed journals eventually and sheepishly walked this back when actual evidence appeared and they were forced to agree that hydroxy, administered early, could be helpful in the cure. Shame on them.

The upshot of this prevarication that affected a large number of American and foreign medical institutions was that many died who could have been saved with early treatment. How many we will never know, but a substantial number.

The media were, in essence, something they always accused others of being—super spreaders.

So was Dr. Fauci.

Together they have blood on their hands.

Of course, something was being hidden in all this—something that was readily apparent over a year ago to anyone paying the slightest attention—and now is coming to light only after a Wall Street Journal article telling us three employees of the Wuhan virology lab had COVID-like symptoms in November 2019.

That something was the role of Communist China in obfuscating the source of the pandemic that, it is increasingly likely, was so-called “gain of function” research at the Wuhan lab to enable deadly viruses to be more communicable to humans.

Fauci had some role in all this at the lab that should be fully investigated and exposed. Whether it will be is another question.

Despite a superficially unified Senate asking for the intelligence from our agencies, it is not yet clear whether that intelligence on China and the pandemic will ever be revealed to the extent necessary.

Something quite nefarious militates against it that few admit in public. As uncomfortable as it is to say, a powerful and significant percentage of our governmental and business elites already assume, consciously or unconsciously, communist China will win the competition with the West and have already positioned themselves to cash in.

In a sense they want the communist oligarchs to, since it is more lucrative for both groups working together. (Wonder why Zuckerberg was so reluctant to question the source of the pandemic on Facebook? This should tell you.)

Globalism isn’t really globalism, but hidden China-ism.

This is a form of traitorousness unseen in history, certainly our history, and certainly accounts for much of their behavior.

This is what Joe Biden was telling us spontaneously and candidly when he publicly stated China was not our enemy, only months or weeks before the constraints of a political campaign forced him to take it back.

It is what he truly believes. You don’t have to have access to Hunter’s laptop to know that (although the evidence would be stunningly obvious and copious).

Increasingly, we live in a world of the people versus large portions of the political class and the corporate media.

Fauci was just a leading factor.

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