Fact-checker busts Biden and Harris as they demand death of filibuster
Fact-checker busts Biden and Harris as they demand death of filibuster

By Bob Unruh

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are campaigning right now for the Senate to kill its longstanding filibuster rule that essentially requires at least a small level of participation from the minority party for legislation to move forward.

And they have been caught using “hyperbole.”

Or as the Washington Examiner characterized them, “false or misleading claims.”

The issue is that the Democrats want to micromanage every election in the country out of Washington so they can set the rules that favor their party, like mail-in balloting and unattended drop boxes which are prone to fraud. They want to remove every requirement that voters actually identify themselves set by any state.

But they face the obstacle of the filibuster rule in the Senate, which requires 60 votes to move legislation forward. The body is divided 50-50 between the parties and no Republican is willing yet to support the drastic change and even with Harris as the tiebreaker, that’s only 51.

So the administration took its lobbying to Georgia, which has adopted several election integrity laws recently, to complain about those moves, and lobby for the complete takeover of elections by removing the filibuster.

Only, the Examiner noted, they “relied on a number of false or misleading claims.”

The Examiner pointed out Harris said, “We must not be deceived into thinking a law that makes it illegal to help a voter with a disability vote by mail is normal.”

Only, the report said, “The Georgia law does not make it illegal to help a disabled person fill out or cast an absentee ballot.”

The law does prevent third-party groups from requesting bulk absentee ballot applications and handing them out, or filling out parts of them on behalf of voters who didn’t ask for those applications.

Second, Harris said, “Across our nation, anti-voter laws could make it more difficult for as many as 55 million Americans to vote. That is one out of six people in our country.”

Only, the Examiner noted that figure, apparently from a newspaper’s analysis from months ago, appears to include “administrative changes” which have “no effect on whether a person can vote.”

Biden also charged, “The vice president and I have supported voting rights bills since day one of this administration. But each and every time, Senate Republicans have blocked the way.”

However, Biden has not even been able to corral his own party members to back his extremism.

The Examiner explained, “Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin emerged this summer in opposition to the For the People Act, a piece of voting legislation that congressional Democrats pursued aggressively in the early months of Biden’s presidency. In an op-ed for a West Virginia newspaper in June, Manchin wrote that he would not support voting rights legislation that did not have buy-in from a single Republican.”

Manchin, and at least one other Democrat, still have objections to Biden’s plan, in fact.

Fourth, Biden said, “Voting by mail is a safe and convenient way to get more people to vote, so they’re making it harder for you to vote by mail. The same way, I might add, in the 2020 Election, President Trump voted from behind the desk in the White House — in Florida. Dropping your ballots off to secure drop boxes — it’s safe, it’s convenient, and you get more people to vote. So they’re limiting the number of drop boxes and the hours you can use them.”

The Examiner noted Trump “did not vote by mail; he cast his ballot early, in-person, at the West Palm Beach Main Library.”

But further, the Examiner reported, Biden was mischaracterizing what Georgia’s election law does.

“Georgia lawmakers responded to the confusion and delays surrounding the counting of mail-in ballots in the 2020 election by moving back the deadline for submitting an absentee ballot request. The window of time to request a mail-in ballot will now close two Fridays before Election Day rather than on the Friday before; proponents say this will cut down on the number of ballots that officials have to throw out for arriving late by giving voters more time to receive and fill out their actual ballots,” the Examiner’s fact-check said.

“As for drop-boxes, which Biden accused the Peach State of limiting, the Georgia law actually authorized the use of ballot drop boxes for the first time.”

Then Biden also claimed, “It’s not just here in Georgia. Last year alone, 19 states not proposed, but enacted, 34 laws attacking voting rights.”

The Examiner said that statistic appears to come from a leftist organization that made that claim.

The facts are the, “A look at the list of laws used to justify that statistic shows many of the changes did not meaningfully limit access to the ballot in any way. For example, an election reform in Nevada simply updated the maximum number of registered voters that could be included in a precinct from 3,000 to 5,000. That came after the state contended with nearly empty precincts in the 2020 caucuses.

“Yet the administrative change is one of those Biden cited as a restriction.”

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