Election Voting Machine Secrets Revealed Dominion Ties to Scytl, Smartmatic

By Beyond The Noise

In the wake of evidences suggesting that Dominion voting machines may run risks and potentially be involved in vote switching in the Election, we are going to look into how US election machines have handled votes in the last 20 years.

With that, we will investigate why US lawmakers were aware of an on going issues but did not take further actions. We will pay close attention to the relationship between Dominion, Smartmatics and a company called Scytl.

An election expert is calling out the companies for using oversea servers to handle US election data. Along with several other key figures claiming that Scytl is involved with vote switching as well.

One company in particular, Smartmatics is being brought to the spotlight by Rudy Guiliani. It has apparent ties to Billionaire George Soros, a prominent left financier.

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