Democrats only now discover that their culture wars are unpopular
Democrats only now discover that their culture wars are unpopular

By Zachary Faria, Commentary Fellow

Research by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee indicates that battleground voters view the Democratic Party as “preachy,” “judgmental,” and “focused on culture wars.” Democrats are trying to fight this perception, but it seems the best way to beat it would be to stop being preachy, judgmental, and focused on culture wars.

The research shows that Republicans have an advantage with attacks based on cultural issues. But Democrats have determined that they can cut into the GOP advantage by responding to these attacks. As an example, Politico relays that Democrats believe they can push back on the GOP tying them to “defund the police” by expressing their support for the police. On immigration, “Democrats should deny support for ‘open borders or amnesty,’ and talk about their efforts to keep the border safe.”

In other words, Democrats should lie.

Perhaps Democrats can stop the bleeding by saying they don’t support open borders, but they do. Democrats have nothing to say about President Joe Biden refusing to enforce existing immigration law, which has led to a dramatic increase in illegal immigrants trying to cross the border. Instead, congressional Democrats jump on fabricated narratives to attack border patrol agents. It’s the exact same thing they do when police officers do their jobs properly.

Voters know exactly what the Democratic Party is. The party is preachy and judgmental, mocking voters for worrying about inflation or supply chain problems. Criticizing mediocre politicians makes you a racist and a sexist, according to Democrats. Parents shouldn’t be allowed to have a say in their children’s education. If they complain to their school board, they may be terrorists.

The party cannot focus on issues “without stoking divisive cultural debates” because divisive cultural debates are the guiding light for elected Democrats. The party obsesses over race and gender, to the point that Biden put quotas on his own Cabinet nominations and congressional Democrats complained that their own racial group wasn’t represented enough anyway.

Democrats are in trouble precisely because the party is obsessed with skin color, division, and lecturing people about racism and “equity.” The DCCC is only now discovering that Democrats picking cultural battles everywhere they looked would be a problem come November, so Democrats will now pretend that those cultural battles didn’t happen. Voters shouldn’t do the same.

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