Busloads of Illegal Aliens Sent to Kamala Harris’s Home on Christmas Eve Were Headed for NY: Officials
Busloads of Illegal Aliens Sent to Kamala Harris’s Home on Christmas Eve Were Headed for NY: Officials

By Katabella Roberts

Multiple busloads of illegal aliens that were dropped off near Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence in Washington, D.C. on Christmas Eve were initially set to arrive in New York, according to relief agencies.

Tatiana Laborde, the managing director of SAMU First Response, a relief agency working with the city of Washington to assist the aliens, told The New York Post that they were informed by nonprofit groups on the border that the buses would arrive in D.C. on Saturday instead of New York on Sunday, as initially planned.

This, she believes, was owing to heavy snowfall in the north of the country, which has bought transport to a standstill and left thousands without power.

Madhvi Bahl, an organizer with the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network, also told The New York Times that the buses were rerouted owing to freezing temperatures and road closures.

The buses arrived late Saturday outside the Naval Observatory, which is the vice president’s residence, and were carrying around 110 to 130 illegal aliens, mainly from South and Central America, according to CNN.

Some of them were wearing only T-shirts as temperatures plummeted to their lowest on record for Christmas Eve in the capital.

Relief agency workers provided them with clothing, blankets, and food, and placed many of them onto other buses headed for a local church. A local restaurant chain also donated dinner and breakfast to the aliens, according to multiple reports.

Illegal aliens receive donated clothing outside a shelter at the Sacred Heart Church in El Paso, Texas, on Dec. 17, 2022. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Abbott ‘Abandoning Children on the Side of the Road’

The Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network placed the blame on the Texas Division of Emergency Management, operating under the directive of Gov. Greg Abbott, for the illegal aliens outside Harris’s home.

“They have been doing that for a few months now; it’s all for the spectacle,” Bahl said. “The cruelty is the point. It’s awful to use people in this manner, for political reasons.”

Elsewhere, White House spokesman Abdullah Hasan accused Abbott of “abandoning children on the side of the road in below-freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve without coordinating with any federal or local authorities,” in a statement to news outlets on Sunday.

“As we have repeatedly said, we are willing to work with anyone—Republican or Democrat alike—on real solutions, like the comprehensive immigration reform and border security measures President [Joe] Biden sent to Congress on his first day in office, but these political games accomplish nothing and only put lives in danger,” Hasan said.

Abbott’s office has not commented on the matter and Texas authorities have not confirmed their involvement in the latest arrival of buses outside the vice president’s home.

Abbott, a Republican, announced back in April that the state would begin sending buses of illegal aliens to Democrat-run areas of the country in an effort to deal with an influx of illegal aliens at the southern border.

In September, he sent two buses filled with illegal aliens to Harris’s D.C. home after she claimed that the border was secure.

Illegal aliens wait to enter a shelter at the Sacred Heart Church in El Paso, Texas, on Dec. 17, 2022. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Aliens ‘at Risk of Freezing to Death’

His office said in a news release on Dec. 22 that the state has bussed over 8,700 aliens to Washington, D.C. since April, over 4,500 to New York City since Aug. 5, more than 1,500 aliens to Chicago since Aug. 31, and more than 520 to Philadelphia since Nov. 15, as part of “Operation Lone Star.”

Abbott also sent a letter to Biden highlighting the humanitarian crisis which he said is being caused by the administration’s failure to secure the southern border, particularly in the city of El Paso. The Republican noted that the number of aliens crossing the border is expected to skyrocket if the Title 42 policy is allowed to expire.

The Trump-era policy allows Border Patrol agents to expel illegal aliens immediately without asylum processing if they are deemed to pose a health threat amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Supreme Court recently temporarily halted its expiration.

Elsewhere, Abbott called on the administration to deploy federal assets to “address the dire problems you have caused.”

“These communities and the state are ill-equipped to do the job assigned to the federal government—house the thousands of migrants flooding into the country every day,” Abbott’s letter reads. “With perilous temperatures moving into the area, many of these migrants are at risk of freezing to death on city streets. The need to address this crisis is not the job of border states like Texas. Instead, the U.S. Constitution dictates that it is your job, Mr. President, to defend the borders of our country, regulate our nation’s immigration, and manage those who seek refuge here.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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