Biden Caught Wearing Wire for Debate
Biden Caught Wearing Wire for Debate

By Hal Turner News Desk

Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden has been caught wearing electronic communications devices during his Debate with President Trump.   

Video clips prove Biden had something concealed in HIS left wrist, under his shirt sleeve cuff, and something else (wire) beneath his suit jacket along the left breast of the jacket.

Biden Caught Wearing Wire for Debate

“Body language experts have also noticed that whenever Biden is receiving instructions through the implant, he cannot make eye contact with the person asking him a question. This is a natural response. Even a young, healthy and spry young mind like Donald Trump’s cannot receive communication input from two sources at once. Joe Biden has to look away from the speaker in order to listen to his handlers, which is why he always looks down when he’s being asked a question. He’s not thinking or listening intently; he’s receiving instructions from his handlers on which set of talking points to rattle off.”

We spoke with an electronics tech who has vast experience with cellular technology.  He says “the thing on Biden’s wrist is a stick-on, flexible, high frequency antenna.”  He explained to us “I’ve been a radar and comms tech since 1971 and know these devices. Inside nearly every cell phone is the same wifi antenna.”

Can Biden COMMS be Jammed?

For the next debate, I hope people with radio scanner and transmitter equipment will choose to be on-location prior to the debate.  I think it would be great if they scan all radio frequencies, wi-fi, and bluetooth frequencies, FIND the clandestine communications frequency being used by Biden and his staff, then JAM it.

Biden Caught Wearing Wire for Debate

 Short of that, IF there is another debate, after the restart from one of the Biden potty breaks Trump needs to put on a mask- walk across the stage- fake a handshake with Biden and reach behind his lapel and tear off his wire and hold it up to the camera on National TV!

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