deep state
deep state

By Mike Adams

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(Natural News) You’ve just been seated at the analysis buffet. Grab a fork and dig in…

Things you need to know about the coming indictment and arrest of deep state traitors who ran the spygate conspiracy:

  • In truly bombshell news, the CEO of has gone public, stating that he has all the answers about the Russia collusion conspiracy hoax. To the shock of listeners everywhere, he actually said, “That’s about to happen and I think we’re about to see the biggest scandal in American history as a result. But it was all political. Everything you think you know about Russia and Clinton investigations is a lie. It’s all a cover-up. It was all political espionage…”
  • The spygate hoax is going to implode this year, likely in late November. Expect to see criminal indictments handed down for James Comey and John Brennan, the two masterminds behind the attempted political coup against a sitting U.S. president. Dan Bongino, Sean Hannity, Sara Carter and John Solomon all deserve Pulitzers for their determined journalism to uncover the truth. The Epoch Times has also done outstanding reporting on all this.
  • Once Comey and Brennan are indicted — along with others — there will be efforts to turn them against Obama and Clinton. Obama was the deep state mastermind behind it all, and he will likely flee the country (see below) rather than face indictment himself.
  • Between now and then, the deranged, lawless Left is going to run every false flag mass shooting operation they have in the works, including unleashing MKultra subjects onto various soft targets (i.e. crowds of people in gun free zones). Antifa is being ordered to ramp up its domestic terrorism operations at the same time, with the goal to be igniting a civil war that causes mass chaos before William Barr can secure the arrests of deep state traitors. The complicit media will brazenly lie about every shooting in order to blame Trump, regardless of the actual origins of the violence.
  • Watch for CNN to be closed down after the full truth of the spygate fiasco comes to light. CNN will then have zero credibility, after having played such an active role in promoting the delusional hoax. The NYT and Washington Post also pushed the hoax, but they will likely survive.

What you need to know about China and tariffs:

China is on the verge of political collapse. The only thing propping up the communist regime has been the strong economic growth of the last 25 years. That economic growth has been ruptured by Trump’s tariffs, which are a stroke of political and tactical genius.

Now, factories are fleeing China and moving to Taiwan, Vietnam and Mexico, causing the industrial base to be gutted and leading to a loss of faith in the communist leaders. All across China, dissent is growing, and it may explode everywhere if China overplays its hand in dealing with the protesters in Hong Kong. But China can’t help itself, since it’s run by authoritarian communists, and all authoritarian communists desperately want to murder anyone who threatens their power. So watch for Hong Kong to be the spark that leads to nationwide civil unrest across China. With the help of Trump’s tariffs, we could be witnessing the beginning of the toppling of Red China’s evil empire.

Note that any military attack by China on the people of Hong Kong will unleash huge uncertainty in the global markets, perhaps sparking a major correction or crash. If you are still holding common stocks at the peak of this bubble, you don’t understand bubbles at all.

Some things you need to know about the death of Jeffrey Epstein:

  • It has now been reported that “shouting and shrieking” was heard emanating from Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell the night he was “suicided.”
  • There’s an alternate theory that supposes Jeffrey Epstein might still be alive, having been taken into protective custody by Trump administration officials. The theory says that Epstein was swapped out with a dead body and that the photos of the dead body which were released to the public appear to depict a person whose facial features don’t match those of Jeffrey Epstein. The theory may be wrong, of course, so decide for yourself what you think happened.
  • The FBI raided Jeffrey Epstein’s “orgy island” Satanic temple yesterday, according to media reports. No doubt they are working hard to bury all the evidence and protect the Clintons, since that’s what the corrupt FBI seems to be all about these days.
  • Consider for a moment the fact that just five years ago, almost nobody would have even believed in the existence of a Satanic temple on an “orgy island” where globalists like Bill Clinton go to sexually abuse under-age boys and girls. Now, it’s mainstream news. It just goes to show you that the media establishment has completely lost control of the narrative. Even with massive, coordinated tech censorship of independent media, the truth is still getting out. And Slick Willie still gets away with everything, including diddling teens…

Some things you need to be watching about banking and finance:

  • Did you realize the cargo ship on which $1 billion in cocaine was recently found by U.S. authorities was owned by JPMorgan Chase? Did you know that many global banks rely on laundered drug money to stay afloat? When the global debt pyramid collapses, these banks will try to use drug money to prop it all up.
  • Gold is skyrocketing as faith in the fiat currency debt system is beginning to erode. Anyone left holding stocks and bonds when the market collapse arrives will wish they had converted their assets to gold and silver.
  • All rationality has now left the markets. Stock valuations are now based largely on “narratives” rather than economic fundamentals. Rational investors are being wiped out by the day, and market signals no longer make any sense to experienced traders. These are all signs that the end of this bubble phase is rapidly approaching.

Some things you need to be watching about guns and self-defense:

  • Did you notice how quickly talk of the El Paso shooting vanished from the media in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein suicide / murder?
  • Mass shootings are now taking place every weekend in Chicago, but the media is completely silent. Apparently black-on-black mass shootings don’t count.
  • Gun purchases are skyrocketing across America following the recent shootings, and there’s a strong emphasis on concealed carry firearms being acquired by first-time gun buyers. This means many people who lived their whole lives thinking, “I don’t need a gun” are now realizing, “Damn, I do need a gun!”
  • There’s a rumor that President Trump and the ATF may take action against pistol arm braces. This is causing sales of arm braces to skyrocket everywhere. The fear is that Trump may try to ban arm braces in the same way he recently banned bump stocks.
  • Dem candidate Joe Biden is now repeatedly promising that, if he becomes president, he will order nationwide confiscation of all firearms from private citizens. This will, of course, set off a civil war as armed patriots realize the radical left-wing tyrants are first going to disarm their political opponents and then send all conservatives to death camps — an outcome that’s being repeatedly advocated by Leftists.

What you need to know about the coming executive order to halt the censorship of the tech giants:

  • President Trump’s upcoming executive order will demand the FCC regulate social media platforms much like public utilities. In the same way that a phone company can’t cut off your service just because they don’t like what you’re saying on the phone, Facebook, Twitter and other sufficiently large social media platforms will be required to respect the exercise of free speech among all its users, regardless of their political views.
  • The FTC, meanwhile, will target Google and its search engine bias / unfair trade practices.
  • The tech giants will sue to try to stop all such regulations, and this means there will be no implementation of the regulations until well after the 2020 election. Accordingly, this means Google may very well succeed in stealing the election, as it has long planned to do. If the election is stolen by the lawless Left, expect to see a nationwide revolt by patriots who are fed up with being censored, smeared as white supremacists, de-monetized and then stomped into the ground by the liars, cheaters and pedophiles on the Left. At some point, we wouldn’t be surprised to see raids on the offices of Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Things you need to know about survival and the possibility of civil war in America:

  • It has become increasingly obvious that cities are death traps in any kind of collapse. Because cities depend on artificial inputs, the disruption of those inputs causes widespread havoc in the cities. There is widespread discussion among analysts about the possibility of civil war and the ease of taking out the power grid substations that provide power to liberal-run cities.
  • Denying cities other resources such as food, fiber optics (communications), water and fuel would also theoretically turn cities into chaos zones. If a civil war unfolds in America, and if the enemies of America include Google and CNN for example, it’s hard to imagine how employees would continue to work at Google or CNN if they have no food, water, bandwidth or electricity.
  • There is credible analysis that concludes China is waiting for an opportunity to invade the United States via California and that California’s left-wing bureaucrats are openly welcoming China’s invasion. Governor Newsom, in particular, is believed to have already sold out to the Chinese and to be preparing a Chinese military landing zone in California. (See for additional analysis.)
  • There is also credible intelligence that claims Barack Obama is preparing to flee the United States following the indictment of James Comey and John Brennan. Obama will reportedly flee to Europe where he will attempt to be appoint the head of the United Nations while declaring the United States to be a “rogue nation” that must be invaded and occupied with U.N. troops. Obama’s ultimate plan has always been the complete destruction of the United States of America and the flooding of Europe with Muslim extremists.

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