Americans Want Less Government
Americans Want Less Government

By Ken Sheffert

Democrats nationally and regionally have consistently voted for more government control, leaving less control by individuals over their own lives.

Here in NH, Democrats have a well documented history of repeatedly and consistently voting:

– Against parents’ control of their own children

– For policies that raise the cost of electricity and power in general

– For higher taxes

– For taxpayer funded abortions up to and even after birth

– Against the second amendment right to have firearms to defend one’s family

– Against low and middle-income families choosing the education option for their children

– Against protections to ensure only NH residents vote in NH

Democrats Voting Records for Your Review

Parental Control

    voted AGAINST declaring that parents have the natural right to control the well being of their children ( 2016 CACR16, 2016 HB1471 )

    voted AGAINST establishing the parental bill of rights ( 2022 HB1431 )

    voted AGAINST giving parents more information about students‘ assessments ( 2021 HB194 )

    voted AGAINST giving parents the right to remove their child from taking the state annual assessment ( 2016 HB1338, 2017 HB276 )

    voted AGAINST parental choice regarding face masks ( 2022 HB1131 )

    voted AGAINST parental choice regarding intrusive surveys ( 2022 HB1639 )

    voted AGAINST requiring parental notification prior to the teaching of human sexuality ( 2015 HB332, 2017 HB103 )

    voted FOR bypassing parental choice regarding vaccinations ( 2022 HB1126 )

    voted FOR restricting parental choice in determining the best educational opportunity for their children ( 2021 HB251 )

    voted FOR subjecting students to intrusive surveys without the knowledge of parents ( 2019 SB196 )


    voted AGAINST education choice ( 2017 HB647, 2018 HB1686, 2018 SB193, 2021 CACR3, 2021 HB278, 2021 HB282, 2021 HB388, 2021 HB609, 2022 HB1132, 2022 HB1298 )

    voted AGAINST education choice including private schools ( 2017 HB557, 2017 SB8 )

    voted AGAINST letting parents sue if their child’s school neglects to protect students from bullying ( 2021 HB140 )

    voted AGAINST requiring students to pass a civics test ( 2021 HB319, 2021 HB320 )

    voted FOR repealing education choice ( 2017 HB129 )

    voted FOR repealing education choice and scholarships for low-income families ( 2013 HB370 )

    voted FOR repealing the education freedom account program. ( 2022 HB1683 )

    voted FOR repealing the education tax credit program ( 2017 HB297 )

    voted FOR repealing the education tax credit. ( 2016 HB1192 )

    voted FOR restricting education choice ( 2022 HB1120, 2022 HB1516, 2022 HB1684 )

Cost of Living

    voted AGAINST lowering taxes on small businesses ( 2014 HB1475 )

    voted AGAINST prohibiting a sales tax ( 2021 CACR2 )

    voted AGAINST prohibiting an income tax ( 2019 CACR12, 2021 CACR1 )

    voted AGAINST reducing costs of energy ( 2021 HB373, 2022 HR17 )

    voted AGAINST reducing electric rates ( 2019 HB477 )

    voted AGAINST reducing electric rates by allowing more use of methane as a fuel ( 2019 HB157 )

    voted AGAINST reducing taxes on small businesses ( 2013 HB354, 2013 HB434 )

    voted AGAINST reducing the cost of electricity ( 2018 HB114, 2021 HB614 )

    voted AGAINST reducing the interest & dividends tax ( 2019 HB185 )

    voted AGAINST reducing the meals tax ( 2014 HB1597 )

    voted AGAINST reducing tobacco taxes ( 2013 HB335 )

    voted AGAINST requiring a 3/5 vote to raise taxes ( 2013 CACR1 )

    voted AGAINST requiring a super-majority vote to override a property tax cap ( 2021 SB52 )

    voted FOR an income tax ( 2018 HB628 )

    voted FOR creating a new tax on capital gains ( 2019 HB686 )

    voted FOR creating an additional tax on room rentals ( 2019 HB641 )

    voted FOR creating an income tax with rates set by an unelected bureaucrat ( 2019 HB712, 2019 SB1, 2020 HB712 )

    voted FOR creating an income tax, and new taxes on capital gains, vaping, and sports betting; increasing business taxes ( 2019 HB2 )

    voted FOR doubling and tripling various fees ( 2019 HB682 )

    voted FOR higher boat registration fees ( 2013 HB411 )

    voted FOR higher electric rates ( 2020 SB124 )

    voted FOR higher electric rates for most users ( 2019 SB165 )

    voted FOR higher electricity costs ( 2019 SB72 )

    voted FOR higher energy rates ( 2013 SB148, 2018 HB1611, 2018 HB559 )

    voted FOR higher gas taxes ( 2013 HB617, 2014 SB367 )

    voted FOR higher individual taxes ( 2017 HB644 )

    voted FOR higher property taxes for most owners ( 2021 SB102 )

    voted FOR higher rooms tax ( 2018 HB1609 )

    voted FOR higher tax on insurance premiums ( 2016 HB1444 )

    voted FOR higher tax on room rentals  ( 2016 HB1214 )

    voted FOR higher taxes ( 2016 HB634 )

    voted FOR higher taxes on room rentals ( 2020 HB1160 )

    voted FOR higher taxes taxes on small businesses ( 2016 HB1443, 2018 HB1422 )

    voted FOR higher tobacco taxes ( 2013 HB659 )

    voted FOR increasing electricity costs by at least $30 million per year ( 2019 SB168 )

    voted FOR increasing residential electric bills ( 2020 SB122 )

    voted FOR increasing the cost of electricity ( 2019 HB715 )

    voted FOR making it easier for municipalities to raise taxes ( 2022 HB1342 )

    voted FOR raising boat registration fees ( 2014 HB292 )

    voted FOR raising business taxes ( 2019 HB623 )

    voted FOR raising the cost of residential electricity by $5 million each year ( 2020 HB1496 )

    voted FOR requiring state taxpayers to make up for poor investments by the Retirement Board ( 2022 HB1417 )

Election Integrity

    voted AGAINST allowing the Secretary of State’s office to investigate undeliverable voter verification letters ( 2017 HB552 )

    voted AGAINST ensuring that absentee ballots are not sent to unregistered persons ( 2022 HB1153 )

    voted AGAINST ensuring that drivers’ licenses cannot be used by non-citizens to vote ( 2019 HB471 )

    voted AGAINST ensuring that only NH residents vote in NH ( 2015 SB179, 2016 CACR17, 2016 SB4, 2017 HB372, 2018 HB1264 )

    voted AGAINST improving the procedures for ongoing verification of the voter checklists ( 2021 HB285 )

    voted AGAINST requesting absentee voters to verify their identity ( 2021 HB292 )

    voted AGAINST requiring a person who registers to vote without any identification to have his or her photo taken ( 2021 HB523 )

    voted AGAINST requiring that voters without valid photo id must provide documentation within 7 days ( 2022 SB418 )

    voted AGAINST strengthening the requirements for documenting the domicile of a person registering to vote ( 2017 SB3 )

    voted FOR making it easier for illegal aliens to get a driver’s license ( 2019 HB397 )

    voted FOR making it easier for non-citizens to vote ( 2020 HB1700 )

    voted FOR making it easier for non-residents to vote in NH ( 2013 HB119, 2019 SB67, 2020 HB1279, 2020 HB1653 )

    voted FOR making it easier for nonresident aliens to vote illegally ( 2022 HB1093 )

    voted FOR making it easier for out-of-staters to vote in NH ( 2019 HB105, 2019 HB106 )

    voted FOR making voter fraud easier by allowing anyone to vote absentee ( 2017 HB622, 2019 HB611, 2020 HB1672 )

    voted FOR removing a deterrent to voter fraud ( 2013 HB595 )

Constitutional Rights

    voted AGAINST enhancing due process rights in cases of asset forfeiture ( 2017 HB614 )

    voted AGAINST giving the legislature a role in declaring emergencies ( 2022 HB275 )

    voted AGAINST prohibiting the state from mandating businesses to require vaccinations ( 2022 HB1495 )

    voted AGAINST property rights ( 2021 HB402, 2022 HB414 )

    voted AGAINST protecting constitutional rights during a state of emergency ( 2021 HB440 )

    voted AGAINST protecting religious liberty during a state of emergen y ( 2021 HB542 )

    voted AGAINST repealing a law that prohibits free speech on public property near abortion clinics ( 2015 HB403, 2016 HB1570, 2017 HB589, 2019 HB124, 2022 HB1625 )

    voted AGAINST rights of conscience ( 2021 HB63 )

    voted AGAINST rights of conscience for medical professionals ( 2022 HB1080 )

    voted AGAINST rights of conscience regarding vaccination mandates ( 2022 HB1210, 2022 HB1379, 2022 HB1455, 2022 HB1490, 2022 HB1604 )

    voted AGAINST self-defense ( 2019 HB208 )

    voted AGAINST the right of self defense ( 2018 HB1313, 2018 SB500, 2021 HB197 )

    voted AGAINST the right to keep and bear arms ( 2013 HB388, 2013 HB451, 2014 HB1438, 2015 SB116, 2016 HB512, 2016 HB582, 2016 SB336, 2017 SB12, 2021 CACR8, 2021 HB195, 2021 HB196, 2021 HB307, 2021 HB334, 2021 SB141, 2021 SB154, 2022 HB1178, 2022 HB1636 )

    voted FOR banning free speech near abortion clinics ( 2014 SB319 )

    voted FOR confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens without any due process ( 2019 HB696, 2020 HB1660, 2020 HB687 )

    voted FOR preventing law abiding citizens from protecting their children on school grounds ( 2020 HB1285 )

    voted FOR preventing law abiding citizens, but not criminals, from buying standard firearms magazines ( 2020 HB1608 )

    voted FOR protecting criminals by disarming law-abiding citizens on school property ( 2019 HB564 )

    voted FOR requiring law-abiding citizens, but not criminals, to endure a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm ( 2019 HB514 )

    voted FOR requiring law-abiding citizens, but not criminals, to undergo a background check for any transfer of firearms ( 2015 HB650, 2017 HB201, 2019 HB109, 2020 HB1379, 2022 HB1668 )

    voted FOR requiring law-abiding citizens, but not criminals, to wait 3 days before obtaining a firearm ( 2020 HB1101 )

    voted FOR restricting property rights ( 2021 HB177 )

    voted FOR restricting the right of self defense ( 2018 HB1566 )

    voted FOR restricting the right to keep and bear arms ( 2017 HB350, 2020 HB1143, 2020 HB1350, 2022 HB1096, 2022 HB1151 )

    voted FOR weakening the right of self-defense ( 2013 HB135 )

Right to Life

    voted AGAINST banning abortion after viability ( 2016 HB1625 )

    voted AGAINST collecting abortion statistics ( 2018 HB471, 2019 HB158 )

    voted AGAINST making it a crime to kill a wanted fetus ( 2015 HB560, 2015 SB40, 2016 HB560 )

    voted AGAINST prohibiting abortions after 24 weeks ( 2021 HB625 )

    voted AGAINST prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortions ( 2016 HB1684 )

    voted AGAINST protecting any infant born alive during an intended abortion ( 2020 HB1675 )

    voted AGAINST punishing fetal homicide ( 2017 SB66 )

    voted AGAINST right to life for any baby born alive ( 2021 HB233 )

    voted FOR weakening the right to life ( 2022 HB1609 )

Other Miscellaneous Bills

    voted AGAINST allowing schools to display “In God We Trust”and “Live Free or Die” ( 2021 HB69 )

    voted AGAINST exempting kids’ lemonade stands from licensing requirements ( 2021 HB183 )

    voted AGAINST prohibiting sex change surgery for minors ( 2018 HB1532 )

    voted AGAINST repealing the mandate that schools provide menstrual products ( 2021 HB458 )

    voted AGAINST right to join or not join a union ( 2021 SB61 )

    voted AGAINST strengthening the right-to-know law ( 2017 HB365 )

    voted FOR allowing towns to ban plastic bags ( 2020 HB102 )

    voted FOR banning plastic straws ( 2020 HB1472 )

    voted FOR banning styrofoam cups ( 2020 HB1564 )

This November VOTE to protect your family and your country.

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