America is fed up and the world is watching
America is fed up and the world is watching


Here we are the day after the 2020 Presidential election and all who understand the election process can’t help but feel our voting system is greatly flawed promoting rampant fraud. The way we count legal votes is severely flawed. This needs to be corrected so the American people can have fair, legal and unbiased elections. As the results of the election are announced and more information becomes public it has the appearance of a rigged or stolen election.

This is the United States of America and not Venezuela or any other socialist or communist country. Our country is governed by the rule of law, the US Constitution. It is the framework of our great country. First and foremost your vote must be a legal vote and your ballot presented as per the guidelines of federal and/or state law.

If your vote is not cast in time on election day it should not be allowed. If your absentee ballot is not requested, cast and received on time it should not be allowed. It is the responsibility of the United States Citizen to cast their vote properly and on time. No unsolicited mail-in-ballots should ever be allowed. All States and Commonwealths should be required to keep accurate voter registration records. Failure to do so should carry dire consequences to include the elimination of federal funding.

The process starts with the candidate. The candidate must be thoroughly vetted. If the candidate is suspected of a crime or any criminal involvement or activity they should not be eligible to run for elected office in this country.

States or Commonwealths should not dictate terms, guidelines, process or tabulation of votes in a federal election. The system used to tabulate votes should have minimal human intervention be reliable, dependable and free of tampering or the potential of fraud.

Mainstream media should be prevented from announcing the results of any race until 100% of the legal votes have been counted and a clear winner can be announced in each state or commonwealth. Recounts if required should be able to be processed quickly and efficiently.

The electoral college should never be changed. No candidate shall be elected using the popular vote.

America wants term limits on both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Like the President it should be limited to two terms. No member of Congress should receive a pension or healthcare paid for by the US taxpayer after their term of service.

America does not want a packed Supreme Court. It should be limited to nine justices as it is today.

Congress should not be allowed to pack bills with pet projects or “pork”. Each bill should be stand alone to eliminate confusion. If a stimulus bill hits the floor it should be only a stimulus for the American people or business nothing more.

The President should have a line item veto.

America is fed up of watching corrupt elected officials get rich while in office. President Harry Truman once said if you get rich while in office you are a crook.

If any member of Congress starts a politically motivated witch hunt they should be required to reimburse the American people for its full cost.

It’s time to prosecute members of government for crimes committed against the country and its people. They should all be prosecuted under the full extent of the law. It’s time to bring in Sydney Powell to the Department of Justice to drain the swamp.

America does not want socialism, communism, free college, single payer healthcare, increased taxes, the green new deal, lockdowns or the elimination of fossil fuels.

We want freedom, safety, a strong economy, fiscal responsibility, a strong military and limited government.

After all this is America and we want a piece of the American dream.

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