A Trump, DeSantis Ticket
A Trump, DeSantis Ticket

By Stephen Zogopoulos, Founder USNN World News Corporation

It’s time for the Republican Party to strategize on the 2024 General Election and beyond. A Trump, DeSantis ticket would do just that. First and foremost it would be the strongest republican ticket since Reagan and Bush who ran away with 90.9 percent of the electoral votes. There is not another pairing with the potential to run away with a Presidential Election win in 2024.

With a Trump/DeSantis 2024 election win it sets up DeSantis for a run in 2028 and again in 2032 potentially an 8 year run of his own. Its important to note the Senate needs to have a Republican majority as well as the House of Representatives. The Executive Office in partnership with Congress need to clean up the corruption and politicization left by previous administrations. A total restructuring of the DOJ, the FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS, IRS and NIH, CDC, DHHS and USPS would be a great start.

The United States of America under the Biden Administration has become a banana republic assisted by the weaponizing of the DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA under the Obama Administration.

Clean up the election system and voter registration lists in every state by passing legislation that eliminates all aspects of election fraud. Prosecute violators. Political corruption runs rampant in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania and California.

Legislation is required to protect a nine seat Supreme Court, enact term limits, eliminate insider trading for Congress and their family members and friends, eliminate healthcare mandates and give the US Citizen the power to chose, protect our sovereignty and our borders, as its vital for national security.

Fossil Fuels are vital to America. Under the Trump Administration we were enery independent. Eliminate EPA requirements and regulations that promote the Green New Deal. Electric vehicles are not the answer as fossil fuels are required in their manufacture. It takes 8 gallons of oil to produce a single tire.

Immigration needs to be corrected. The United States needs legal immigration to sustain a great economy. Illegal immigration needs to be reigned in with strong policies and deterrence.

Social Security needs to be solidified and secured for our seniors. It does not require privatization. It requires funding. Congress needs to eliminate pet projects to secure a future for the seniors. For every needless program Congress enacts and funds an equal amount needs to be deposited to the Social Security Program for our seniors.

Our economy – There is no reason why America should not be the strongest economy in the world. Bad policy, political corruption, and the push for ‘climate change’ under the Biden Administration has set the stage for an economic recession. Consistently poor CPI, PPI, PCE and GDP indexes and the national deficit confirm the failed policies of the current Administration.

Business magnate and the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, in an early-morning 7 July 2011 CNBC interview conducted by Becky Quick made his now famous statement about rendering ineligible for re-election all sitting members of Congress whenever the deficit exceeded 3% of gross domestic product.

It’s time to ‘Make America Great Again’ and a Trump/DeSantis ticket will do just that.

Let’s hope the Republican Party recognizes the opportunity to really make progress.

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