2020 Election Map 11.11.2020
2020 Election Map 11.11.2020


As of November 11, 2020 at 10:30am the EPOCH Times posted an election map update and NH POLITICIAN concurs with their calculations. Trump leads 232 to 227.

Arizona with 11 electoral votes is likely to swing RED after a court battle and a recount of legal ballots bringing Trump closer to victory with a 243 to 227 lead over Biden.

Georgia (16) and Wisconsin (10) after legal ballot recounts should swing RED capturing another 26 electoral votes bringing the Trump total to 269 electoral votes needing one vote to win re-election. Nevada counting legal ballots only will give Trump the Presidency with 275 electoral votes.

Should Biden (highly unlikely if only legal votes are counted) with 227 electoral votes take Michigan (16) and Pennsylvania (20) with obvious events over voter irregularities (FRAUD) he would fall short of the 270 electoral votes required to win the election.

In this scenario, an American who truly loves his country, President Donald J. Trump wins re-election.

Now Mr. President your mandate is to finish what you started.

First and foremost protect our constitution. Set the Supreme Court justice count at 9 via a constitutional amendment. Protect the filibuster. Protect our 2nd Amendment. Get rid of any potential for fraud in our election system. Start with mail-in-ballots. Require all states to update the voter registration records. Require proof of identification and citizenship when voting. No votes/ballots accepted after polls close on election day. Prosecute those who circumvent our electoral system.

Now it’s time to drain the swamp and bring those who committed crimes to justice. Build the wall and prevent illegal immigration. Eliminate any taxpayer funded programs for illegal immigrants. The US taxpayer is tired of funding non US Citizens.

Give American citizens the choice of great healthcare plans at low cost. Bring back all manufacturing and give us the greatest economy the world has ever seen.

Mr. President, balance our budget and don’t forget to fire Fauci.

Our New Hampshire Motto is “Live Free or Die”.

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