Trump’s Feds Rumored to Have Issued Nearly 180,000 Sealed Criminal Indictments
Trump’s Feds Rumored to Have Issued Nearly 180,000 Sealed Criminal Indictments

By Steve MacDonald

There appears to be a large number of sealed criminal indictments piling up waiting to be unsealed. One source puts the number at over 179,000. For what? I’m less clear on that, but how about Treason, Election Fraud, Child Sex Trafficking, Homicide, Pornography, Money Laundering, Bribery, Perjury, crimes of Uranium One.

Benghazi, election fraud, Election finance fraud?

Sounds like a dream but I did not dig too far into this, yet so I’m not claiming any unique knowledge. This is more of a fishing expedition – one that assumes a few things.

That since day one, the Trump Administration has been running ops to uncover criminal activities inside the government and with those connected to it. He did promise to clean out the swamp, which has been pulling at him from every angle since before he was worn it to office.

Throughout the process, they have more or less let the Democrats and media play their hands following the leads presented (presumably) without making to much of a stink unless they wanted to send them off in one direction or another.

More than once, I noted that there were probably several leak investigations underway based on the information showing up in the press that was appeared falls and planted.

The Left has been very accommodating.

An excellent example of this is when President Trump wakes up, tweets, and they all go scampering to whatever tune he played. Ranting, pontificating, shouting into the darkness. It’s comical how consistent they have been and absurd it is that they still think they are smarter than he is.

So, what about this indictment business.

New Hampshire has 534 to date. I believe each could involve multiple individuals. That means that in the course of the Durham investigation or the Epstein investigation or others (all while the Left ranted about Russia and Ukraine), thousands of individuals could be named in these sealed indictments for federal prosecution, just in New Hampshire!

If there are nearly 180,000 such sealed indictments, the math makes for an exciting conversation.

I’m inclined to accept the numbers for two reasons.

Mr. Trump has a Federal investigation into sex trafficking and child sex trafficking that has likely secured a ton of evidence leading up to and from the Epstein bust. There are plenty of people who would flip to avoid federal prison or public shaming, so those indictment numbers are probably huge. Politics, finance, entertainment. They all need to be worried.

John Durham has likewise found more than a few folks in that investigation (into the effort to depose an elected president) of a scandal that was not just false, the insiders all knew it was and what it was – out of a need, perhaps, to keep Trump from finding all this other dirt.

Finally, there has been speculation that the result of John Durham’s investigation may not go public before the Election in November. I can only think of one good reason why they would wait. The child sex trafficking indictments will get unsealed, maybe in October. Surprise! And they must be devastating.

Child sex predators and traffickers are universally despised, and the list is probably a whos-who of known perps who will be connected in one way or another to the sexual abuse of children, perhaps, ironically, across that southern border, the Left was so keen on keeping open.

Or, maybe its all BS. But after watching Trump play multi-dimensional chess with these asshats for over three years, somethings up. The questions are what, when, and will it be seismic enough to keep one of the few promises he has yet to keep. Will it begin to clean out the swamp, not just in DC, but in wider America?

Or is it all just a bunch of hooey?

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