Trump Indictment Fundamentally Transforms America to Third-World Nation
Trump Indictment Fundamentally Transforms America to Third-World Nation

By Benjamin Weingarten


The indictment of former president and current Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump by a leftist New York County district attorney, Alvin Bragg, borne of a wholly contrived, baseless, and unprecedented case that every other Trump-hating authority declined to bring, is an utter abomination.

It’s an outrageous assault on the rule of law that “normalizes” the other bastardized cases likely to come from Georgia to Washington DC in the perpetual coup against Trump and anyone else who dares to engage in the actual (thought)crime core to every Trump-related case: opposing our ruling elites.

It is, of course, election interference of the highest order.

It may well aim to provoke a counter-reaction to justify still further crackdowns on political dissenters—à la Jan. 6—or, at minimum, to divide and tear apart the country in service of the political ends of our ruling class.

To the extent the former president is not only legally persecuted but also forced to shut up about it—subjected to a gag order by the New York County DA, depriving him of his First Amendment rights as has been rumored—it would only add insult to the injury already done.

But as horrible as is this parade of horribles, perhaps the most calamitous aspect of this charade, with which we are unlikely to fully come to grips for years to come, is that it has shattered our republican system.

The case against Donald Trump could collapse. He could rally to victory in the 2024 presidential election. Every George Soros-backed official in the country could be fired.

Yet that DA Bragg brought this case can never be undone. A precedent has been set: America, like every other tinpot dictatorship, now legally persecutes leaders when out of power. Its rulers, Beria-like, seek to lock the opposition in jail, to criminalize dissent by finding a crime to fit the man. Now, as another New York prosecution just showed, our ruling class not only pursues presidents but wins cases convicting political meme-makers.

For generations, millions fled their ancestral homelands, penniless, and without knowing a word of English, to come to America in search of refuge from the very kind of regime ours has now become.

There is nowhere else to flee.

In attempting to destroy one man, our ruling elites have not only eviscerated the rule of law for us all, but also fundamentally transformed America into a Third World nation, and therefore fundamentally transformed the Western civilization that America has led.

This is a world-historical calamity from which there’s no going back.

And there’s no remedy.

In perhaps a best-case scenario, tit-for-tat could temporarily deter such conduct. Yet even if effective, and America were to skirt a ruinous escalation, the possibility will forever loom in the background.

Meanwhile, despite a growing awareness among some conservatives that their political opponents will do anything and everything to destroy them, and that thus conservatives must use every lever of power available within the law against an opposition not limited by such constraints, there’s little evidence to suggest most Republicans in power are so inclined.

Neither President Joe Biden nor anyone else of consequence in his administration is currently facing impeachment.

This after Trump was baselessly impeached twice.

No one is paying for the lives ruined and laws broken by the response to the Chinese coronavirus—let alone the cover-ups over its origins.

No one is paying for the mass public-private censorship regime that has conspired against our First Amendment rights.

No one is paying for the pursuit of concerned parents like domestic terrorists.

No one is paying for the railroading of Jan. 6 defendants.

No one is paying for the Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping hoax.

No one paid for Russiagate.

Going back further, no one paid for the Hillary Clinton email scandal—not least of which including Clinton herself.

No one paid for Benghazi.

No one paid for the IRS’s targeting of Tea Party groups.

No one ever pays for any ruling class malfeasance because everything is fair game when it comes to advancing its power.

In fact, we all have paid for this—literally, with our own tax dollars.

And anyone and everyone who dares challenge the ruling class may well pay even more dearly for their thoughtcrimes.

In the wake of the Mar-a-Lago raid, I wrote that:

“The specific legal grounds for the raid, like the grounds for the coming indictment, are really beside the point.

“Trump’s crime was, and always has been, that he threatened The Regime’s power and privilege—in so doing, representing tens of millions of Americans who The Regime considers an impediment to its total control, and who it holds in utter contempt.

“That’s all the ‘predication’ The Regime needed to pursue him from the day he emerged in Trump Tower to declare himself an unprecedented political force, and, since, treat all manner of like-minded Wrongthinkers the same.

“The pretense of the rule of law is gone, and to delude oneself into thinking otherwise after the two-tier, Soviet standard of justice we have seen applied again and again over the last six years would be dangerous folly.”

As terrible as was the feeling after the Mar-a-Lago raid, no doubt for millions of Americans the feelings of dread and demoralization are infinitely more palpable now.

Perhaps this is the point—to pound Americans into submission by debasing our country, transforming it into something unrecognizable, to a nation of men not laws, with rule by rather than of law.

This is tyranny.

There’s no going back to the America that was. Our children and grandchildren will not live in the country we once did. They will never fully appreciate what has been lost, nor know what it was like to live in the America we loved.

There should be widespread mourning in America today. That there isn’t tells you everything you need to know about the perilous state of this great nation.

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