LL Bean, Unamerican
LL Bean, Unamerican

By The USNN Editorial Team

Today I witnessed a United States Navy Veteran who has a documented respiratory illness accosted for not wearing a mask in the LL Bean Factory Outlet store in North Hampton, NH. He was calm, professional stated why he can not wear a mask due to his illness. All he wanted to do was peaceably purchase a birthday present for his daughter. The first LL Bean associate listened and the second associate was rude and unprofessional threatening to call law enforcement to remove the patron from the premise.

First and foremost no person should be treated with disrespect, patron nor employee. No veteran who fought for this country protecting the rights of its citizens should be treated as such.

LL Bean was established in 1934 by Leon Leonwood Bean in Freeport Maine. He was an avid hunter and fisherman not unlike the United States Navy veteran trying to shop in the LL Bean factory outlet. Leon was too young to serve our country in World War 2. He passed away as the Vietnam War began. He was one of Americas entrepreneurs who loved Maine, hunting, fishing, hiking and this great country. If Leon Leonwood Bean witnessed what transpired in this store on this day he would be rolling in his grave as he did in 2018 when the company changed their policy no longer giving 100% money back on returned products.

According to the CDC, these people should not wear face masks:

  • Children under age 2
  • Anyone who has trouble breathing
  • Anyone who is unconscious, unable to help themselves, or can’t remove the mask on their own

LL Bean needs to take a hard look at their policy and how the treat patrons. Under the guidelines of the CDC this American should not have been required to wear a mask.

Is LL Bean unamerican? Yes, along with all businesses requiring any American with documented respiratory illness to wear a mask.

What would happen to LL Bean sales if Veterans and their families decided to boycott their products?

LL Bean was unavailable for comment.


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