Ben Shapiro tells Mark Levin US is going through 'French Revolution in real time' without guillotines
Ben Shapiro tells Mark Levin US is going through 'French Revolution in real time' without guillotines

By Charles Creitz | Fox News

‘Ben Shapiro Show’ host says ongoing unrest ‘is the full flowering of an ideology of disintegrationism’.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro told “Life, Liberty & Levin” in an interview airing Sunday that the ongoing unrest in the United States resembles “the French Revolution in real time without the actual physical guillotines.”

“The fact is that what we have seen over the last several weeks is the full flowering of an ideology of disintegrationism that has been running roughshod over our universities, through our media, through our major cultural institutions for years,” said Shapiro, editor emeritus of The Daily Wire and author of the forthcoming book “How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps.”

‘”The idea [of disintegrationism is] that America has never had any ties that bind us and that American history is a story of one group clubbing another group over the head, [and that] America’s philosophy is really just sort of a pasteboard mask … covering up for hierarchies of brutal power dynamics, and that our culture of rights is really a lie,” Shapiro told host Mark Levin.


Shapiro added that belief also implies that our rights “ought to be thrown out in favor of an orthodoxy that rules from above and tells you how you ought to think.”

“You can see all of this coming to fruition in everything from the riots and looting to the [New York Times’] 1619 Project,” he told Levin.

Shapiro suggested that this ideology has existed for some time, but the election of President Trump caused all its facets to “burst into the open” at once.

“I think that [Trump] provides a point of commonality in which no matter how radically left you go, you’re going to find allies in the old, falling-apart, liberal school who will side with you just to get rid of Trump,” he told Levin. “I think that the real story of what’s happening here is not even right versus left. It’s radical left versus everybody else.

“You’re seeing a battle that’s breaking out inside the Democratic Party between Nancy Pelosi, who’s now, quote-unquote, moderate [but] who’s radically left, and people like Ilhan Omar,” Shapiro went on. “And you’re seeing who’s winning that battle.”

“The Ben Shapiro Show” host also noted that many people wrongly believed that this brand of “facism” would go away or be tempered once some of its advocates entered public office.

“It turns out that … when they entered the halls of power, they just decided to uproot all the systems and take it over.”

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